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MURDERED: Jeanine Nicarico

After two men are convicted of the kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico, huge questions remain about what happened the day she died.

MURDERED: Brittany Sue Zimmermann

After 21-year-old Brittany Zimmermann is murdered, her family embarks on a years-long mission to find justice.


Lisa Kimmell was just 18 years old when she set out from Denver, Colorado in her brand new Honda CRX with the license plate that featured her childhood nickname, LIL MISS.

CAPTURED: Russell Williams

Late in 2009 and early 2010, police in Ontario, Canada, were looking for a unique kind of sexual predator, one who broke into homes undetected and waited for his victims to fall asleep before attacking them.

AUDIO EXTRA: Phoebe Handsjuk

Make sure you listen to the full episode on Phoebe Handsjuk first before you check out this audio extra!

Audio Extra: Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix

We wanted to give you the Unsolved Mysteries recap Crime Junkie style!

MURDERED: Garrett Phillips

When a 12-year-old boy is murdered in a small New York village, police narrow in on a single suspect. Outsiders think this man was railroaded but locals think a killer is getting away with murder.

MURDERED: Amy Mihaljevic

Amy Mihaljevic went missing from a shopping plaza after school in October of 1989. Her case has become one of the most infamous unsolved crimes in Ohio history.

AUDIO EXTRA: Israel Keyes Update

The FBI recently released some new info in the Israel Keyes’ case, and we had to tell you about it!

AUDIO EXTRA: Danielle Imbo & Richard Petrone

Listen to the full episode on Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone first! These are a few more thoughts we had on the case.

MURDERED: Sherri Rasmussen

An ice-cold case turns hot when a new group of investigators make it their mission to find justice for a young woman and uncover the true story of heartbreak, jealousy, and revenge.


I watched it. You watched it. WE ALL WATCHED IT! So let’s finally talk about it.

SERIAL KILLER: Fred and Rose West

A married couple in the United Kingdom goes from a seemingly normal husband and wife to the country’s most notorious serial killers.

AUDIO EXTRA: Lost Girls on Netflix

Ashley and Brit have a quick chat about the true crime movie “Lost Girls” on Netflix.

AUDIO EXTRA: Missy Bevers

Make sure to listen to the full Missy Bevers episode first! These are a few more of our thoughts on Missy’s case.

MISSING: Madison “Maddy” Scott

Maddy Scott went to a party on a Friday night in May 2011 with a plan to camp out at Hogsback Lake, near Vanderhoof, British Columbia. No one has seen her since.

SERIAL KILLER: Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka’s wedding day was a lavish affair, horse-drawn carriage and all. While their guests toasted to the happy couple’s new life together, fishermen and boaters on Lake Gibson were making a gruesome discovery.

AUDIO EXTRA: The Family Murders

In this audio extra, we talk about the mysterious case of five young men that were found dead around Adelaide from 1979-1983.


Make sure to listen to the full Ray Gricar episode first! These are a few more of our theories on what may have happened to Ray.

MISSING: Natalee Holloway

When American teenager Natalee Holloway vanished on an idyllic senior trip to Aruba in 2005, her disappearance generated international attention.

MURDERED: Rosemary Christensen

Rosemary Christensen uprooted her life in Holland to move to Florida and be with the man of her dreams.

AUDIO EXTRA: Theory on Brian Shaffer Case

Make sure to listen to the full Brian Shaffer episode first! These are a few more of our theories on what happened to Brian the night he disappeared.

MURDERED: The Dardeen Family

In November of 1987, Keith and Elaine Dardeen were looking forward to the birth of their second child and were preparing to move back to their hometown of Mount Carmel, Illinois.

MURDERED: Paige Birgfeld

Single mother, Paige Birgfeld, goes missing under mysterious circumstances in 2007. It would take police over 7 years to prove what happened to her.

MURDERED: Adam Walsh

In 1981 a young boy named Adam Walsh was abducted by a stranger from a shopping plaza. It would take almost three decades to bring closure to his family.

MURDERED: Andrya DeGhelder

In the summer of 2018, single mother, Andrya DeGhelder, disappeared from her sleepy suburb of Grovetown, GA.

AUDIO EXTRA: Bloopers 2

Check out the latest compilation of Crime Junkie bloopers with Ashley and Brit!

MURDERED: Elizabeth Salgado

18 days after coming to the US, Elizabeth Salgado went missing while walking from school to her apartment, her remains were found years later.

MURDERED: Natalie Bollinger

When Natalie Bollinger goes missing from her Colorado home, a clear suspect emerges. But the case takes an unsuspecting turn after an odd request.

AMA: Retired Homicide Detective

We interview retired Sgt. Steve Dubois, from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, asking him all the questions Crime Junkies have about life as a real detective.

MURDERED: Zebb Quinn

After getting a strange page 18-year-old Zebb Quinn goes missing. It took 15 years before Zebb’s family would get answers.

CRIME HUNKIE: World’s End Murder

Justin and Erik are back, talking about a shocking case and trial out of Edinburgh, Scotland.

AUDIO EXTRA: Why I Stopped Babysitting

Ashley takes another crack at fiction in this creepy story, Why I Stopped Babysitting, written by Eleni Vassiliadis.


After newlywed Sarah Widmer is found dead in her bathtub, it’s quickly ruled an accident. But an autopsy reveals evidence suggesting otherwise.

AUDIO EXTRA: The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by EAP

This became one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most infamous stories because when he first released it people didn’t realize it was fiction and it caused quite the panic.

MURDERED: Brook Baker

In April’s full-length bonus episode we tell you the story that was SUPPOSED to be the very first episode of Crime Junkie. Brooke Baker was an Indiana college student who was murdered in 1997.

CRIME HUNKIE: 53 Days in Hell

A mother and daughter are kidnapped and held by a man who has every intention of never letting them out alive.

AMA: Personal

On a new Ask Me Anything, Ashley and Brit answer all our fan club questions about ourselves!

AMA: All Things Crime and Podcasting

Ask Me (Us) Anything! We are here to answer all our fan club questions about true crime and podcasting!


In 2005 George and Jennifer Smith boarded a cruise ship for their honeymoon, never realizing that only one of them would make it home.

CRIME HUNKIE: The Weepy Voice Killer

The boys are BACK! This time, they’re covering the case of the Weepy Voice Killer, and the incredibly nightmare-inducing calls from the killer himself, confessing to the murders.

AUDIO EXTRA: Thoughts on Lynn Messer Case

Make sure to listen to the full Lynn Messer episode first! These were just our lasting “WTF” thoughts after that episode.

MURDERED: Angela Hicks (Dr. No’s Stepdaughter)

We learned on February 15, 2019, that Dr. No had been captured, and we found out that he had more victims than just women he picked up hitching and at truck stops.

MURDERED: Girls of Santa Rosa

Before Ted Bundy’s known killing spree, there was a rash of murders and disappearances in Santa Rosa, California. Could these girls be Bundy’s earliest victims?

MISSING: Patty Vaughan

Patty Vaughan left her home on Christmas day 1996 and never came back. Her minivan was found the next day abandoned with a flat tire.

ADAPTED: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Warning: Some Explicit language – you’re saying… “What? I don’t remember swear words in The Tell Tale Heart”… Yeeaaaa.. I know. I decided to do something a little different.

AUDIO EXTRA: Robert Wone

Make sure to listen to the full episode first! These are all the little details we weren’t able to discuss during the main episode but what we can’t stop thinking about!

CRIME HUNKIE: Black Dahlia

Welcome to our experiment in marriage and podcasting! For this episode, we let the guys take over the mics to bring you coverage on the Black Dahlia case, on this, the actual anniversary of the time.


In this episode, Ashley tells you the well-known murder case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The murders, the trial, the acquittal. It was all heavily publicized.

AUDIO EXTRA: LaVena Johnson

A friend of LaVena’s from basic training reached out to us to give us the inside scoop on what people who were in Iraq with LaVena say about her death. She gives us some details on the conspiracy that weren’t included in the regular episode.

AUDIO EXTRA: Colonial Parkway

In this episode, we discuss theories and other crimes the Colonial Parkway murders have been connected to.


In need of a laugh? We’ve put together a compilation of Crime Junkie bloopers with Ashley and Brit!

MURDERED: Skylar Neese

A story of a high school friendship that ended in murder.

AUDIO EXTRA: Prosecuting Homicides

Carly Shomaker, an Iowa Prosecutor, talks to Ashley about why it would be so hard to prosecute the Alissa Turney case and what kind of new evidence would be needed to realistically take this to trial.

MURDERED: Lynda McDaniel & The Christmas Ribbon Killer

November 30, 2018 will be the 42nd anniversary of Lynda McDaniels’s death and there are just as many questions now as the day she was found.

AUDIO EXTRA: Girl Scout Murders

In our newest Patreon episode, we dive deeper into the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders and reveal a piece of evidence not mentioned in our free episode.

MURDERED: The Springfield Three

Three women, known as the Springfield Three, disappeared without a trace. Decades later, we have fewer answers and more questions.


Elisa Lam was found dead on the roof of the Cecil Hotel. The strange footage of her mysterious actions in an elevator have led to wild speculation online.


In this episode we cover the man, Ed Gein, who was the inspiration for horror films such as Psyco, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs.

MISSING: Michael VanZandt

During a night out, Michel VanZandt separated from his friends to find a bathroom and was never seen again. What happened that night in 2016?

SERIAL KILLER: Tommy Lynn Sells

Chilling crimes against children and their mothers occur across the country with seemingly no link. Until 1999, when Tommy Lynn Sells is apprehended.

MURDERED: Arlis Perry

When Arlis Perry is found seemingly ritualistically murdered in a college campus chapel, her young husband is the first person of interest.

MISSING: Tammy Kingery

Tammy Kingery was a wife, mother, and an assisted living attendant. Suddenly one day, she disappears without a trace.

MISSING: Toni Lee Sharpless

In this bonus episode, we tell the story of the disappearance of Pennsylvanian nurse, Toni Lee Sharpless, and the efforts to try to bring her home.

SERIAL KILLER: The I-65 Killer

The I-65 highway has been terrorized by a serial killer. From Northwest Indiana to Kentucky a man has been attacking night clerks at hotels off the highway.


MURDERED: Terrence “Terry” Bowers Jr.

A Boy Scout is murdered on a camping trip just a few feet away from his sleeping troop, and yet somehow, no one saw or heard anything.

MURDERED: Linda O’Keefe

An ice-cold case gets new hope for justice thanks to modern technology and creative police work.

MURDERED: Donnah Winger

In 1995, a new mother is killed after being attack by a man who’d been harassing her. Or at least, that’s what everyone believed.

MURDERED: Pastor Carol Daniels

When Pastor Carol Daniels was brutally murdered in a small Oklahoma town, her death left behind a baffling mystery.

CAPTURED: Barbara Brewster & George Kearney

In 1988, Miriam Rice’s brutal murder stunned South Bend, Indiana. It would take almost 30 years for her loved ones to see justice.


The tragic death of a 17-year-old boy sets off a quest for answers that has continued for almost 40 years.

MISSING: Jean Spangler

A beautiful up-and-coming actress vanishes in Hollywood, leaving a truly baffling mystery behind her.

MURDERED: The Boy in the Box

In 1957, a small boy was found dead in a cardboard box in Philadelphia, setting off a nationwide hunt for clues about who he was and what might have happened to him.

MURDERED: Blair Adams

A man with a seemingly normal life flees his home, his country, and everything he knows, certain his life is in danger.

MISSING: Ben Smart and Olivia Hope

On New Year’s Eve 1997, Olivia Hope and Ben Smart were celebrating the new year at a party in Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

MURDERED: Lawson Family

The Christmas of 1929 turns from holiday to horror when a North Carolina family is brutally murdered, leaving behind one of the state’s most enduring mysteries.

MURDERED: Karen Price

From an unknown skeleton in an unmarked grave, police gave Little Miss Nobody a face… a name… a story… and a legacy that changed forensic science forever.

MISSING: Patricia Spencer & Pamela Hobley

On October 31, 1969, two teenage girls would go missing in their small hometown of Oscoda, Michigan.

SURVIVED: Amanda Howard

A brutal murder and fetal kidnapping inspire a young want-to-be-mother to do the unthinkable to someone in her small town. 

MURDERED: Alvin, Kathy & Nathan

In 2014, one of the most gruesome events marked Canada’s history with a triple murder in Calgary. Questions remain in the minds of many years later.

MISSING: Skylar Tosic

Just one day after Bear Diaz went missing another boy, Skylar Tosic, who was similar in appearance went missing from the same area of the country.

MISSING: Elijah “Bear” Diaz

In 2015, 20-year-old Elijah “Bear” Diaz went missing from his home. It may seem like a young man leaving on his own, but Bear literally couldn’t walk away.

MURDERED: Reagan Tokes

After the tragic death of Reagan Tokes in 2017, her family does everything they can to change the laws around how parolees are monitored.

MISSING: Colleen Wood

Colleen Wood thought she found the man of her dreams and the opportunity of a lifetime when he offered to sail her around the world.


Was Leslie Mueller’s fall off a Colorado cliff a terrible accident or cold blooded murder?

MURDERED: Steven Robards

When Marie Robards moves back in with her mother after her father’s sudden death, she adjusted well to her new normal.


This case will make your head hurt! Love, money, and a a taboo affair all lead up to the death of one man.

MURDERED: The McStay Family

In this mini-episode, Brit talks about the disappearance and murder of the McStay Family in southern California.

MISSING: Kyron Horman

In 2010, Kyron Horman attended his elementary school science fair with his stepmother and younger sister, but never returned home.

SURVIVED: Jayme Closs

In the middle of the night, on October 15, 2018, James and Denise Closs were murdered inside their home, and their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme, was abducted. She spent 88 days with her captor before escaping.

MURDERED: Buckskin Girl

This case ties in closely with an upcoming main episode on an Ohio serial killer. Buckskin girl was found in 1981 laying in a ditch off a road in Ohio found clothed in a buckskin poncho for which she got her name.

MISSING: The Sodder Children

On Christmas Eve of 1945, The Sodder Parents went to bed leaving some of their 10 children awake to play with toys. When they woke up, the home was ablaze.

MURDERED: Jane Britton

When Harvard grad student Jane Britton was viciously attacked in her own apartment, police has few leads. Who would want this vibrant and smart girl dead?

MURDERED: Virginia “Ginger” Freeman

Real estate agent Virginia “Ginger” Freeman meets a potential client at a rural property that doesn’t end well. It takes 36 years for DNA to solve the case.

MURDERED: Michele Le

Michele Le went missing during a break at work. People are able to reach her by text, but her responses are off leading them to look at her best friend.

MURDERED: Suzanne Jovin

Suzanne Jovin was murdered while on a walk by her Yale campus apartment.

MURDERED: Girls in Tacoma

3 girls were murdered in similar fashions near Tacoma, Washington from the mid-70s to mid-80s. It took until 2016 for DNA evidence to bring some answers.

MURDERED: Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg

Jay Cook and his girlfriend, Tanya Van Cuylenborg, take an overnight trip that concerns their parents, especially when they don’t return.

MISSING: Angela Hammond

A man hears and nearly sees his pregnant fiancé, Angela Hammond, get abducted from a parking lot one night, but there are few clues as to who has taken her.

MURDERED: Troy and LaDonna French

In our second episode of our DNA series, we discus the random murder of Troy and LaDonna French, and how DNA brought their slayer to justice.

MURDERED: The Grimes Sisters

Two sisters, Barbara and Patricia Grimes, head out to a movie to see their idol, Elvis Presley, on the silver screen. But they never return home.

MURDERED: Christy Mirack

In our first DNA Series case, we cover the sexual assault and murder of Christy Mirack in 1992 and how DNA helped find her killer almost 30 years later.

CONSPIRACY: Rebecca Zahau

In 2011, Rebecca Zahau was found hanging from a balcony in the home she shared with her boyfriend. Police rule her death a suicide, but is it really?

MISSING: Joan Risch

In one of the strangest disappearance cases we have ever covered: Joan Risch drops off her child and a friend in a neighbors yard without a word.


october headline banner

October 2020 Headlines

  • Suspect Indicted For Murder in 1984 Disappearance and Death of Greeley’s Jonelle Matthews – Denver Post
  • Missoula police: DNA evidence closes 1974 cold case – Missoulian
  • Decades-old Skull Identified as Belonging to Young Woman Who Died in 1970s; detectives seek tips – Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office
  • NXIVM founder sentenced to the remainder of his life in prison – CNN
  • ‘Murder for murder’s sake’: Mackenzie Lueck’s Killer sentenced To Life Behind Bars – Deseret News
  • Reagan Hancock: Murdered Texas Woman Had Her Baby Cut From Womb – Heavy
  • Indy Trans Woman Sara Blackwood Murdered Walking Home From Work – Planet Transgender
september headline banner

September 2020 Headlines

  • DNA evidence helps convict man of killing two women in one of Australia’s most notorious cold cases – CNN
  • Pregnant Washington Woman Goes Missing Before Sonogram – Heavy
  • Neighbor of suspect in Lesly Palacio’s death says Rangel family left home – 8 News NOW Las Vegas
  • Another Body Found In Central Park – Patch
  • ‘Precious Jane Doe’ Teen Murdered In 1977, Finally Identified As Missing Runaway – Oxygen
  • Who Tortured, Raped and Murdered Carla Walker? – NBC DFW
August 2020 headline photos

August 2020 Headlines

  • Sarah Turney Sought Justice on TikTok. Now Her Father Is Charged With Homicide – The New York Times
  • FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Yasir Abdel Said Now In Custody – FBI
  • Golden State Killer Jail Video Show He Does Not Need A Wheelchair – ABC10
  • Sydney Sutherland case: Timeline of Arkansas jogger disappearance; murder – Fox News
  • United Airlines Executive Still Missing, 20 days later – One Mile at a Time
  • Scott Peterson’s death sentence overturned by California Supreme Court – CNN
banner with photos of Julie Konkol, Mejhor Morta, Thaddeus Sran, Fahim Saleh and Crystal Rogers

July 2020 Headlines

  • Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Charged In Connection To Jeffrey Epstein Abuse Case – NPR
  • Crystal Rogers family notified after human remains found – WHAS 11
  • Parents Enter Plea, Community Mourns 2-year-old Thaddeus Sran – KMJNow
  • Tech C.E.O.’s Former Assistant Charged With His Grisly Murder – The New York Times
    • Third Fort Hood soldier found dead near Texas base in the last month – CNN
    • Suspected serial killer charged with 1997 Lake County, IL murder of Julie Konkol – ABC 7 Chicago
    • 3 Charged in ‘Massacre’ of 3 Friends During Florida Fishing Trip – The New York Times
June 2020 Headlines

June 2020 Headlines

  • Madeleine McCann breakthrough: Cops ‘closing in on new prime suspect’ – NZ Herald
  • Christian B was first linked to the Madeleine case after he allegedly made a drunken boast he snatched her while in a bar on the tenth anniversary of the crime.  
  • Human remains found during search for missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen – CNN
  • Golden State Killer pleads guilty, admits to dozens of rapes, murders – Chicago Tribune
  • Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow face new conspiracy charges, not murder charges – Fox 13
  • Teens Find Body in Suitcase While Using Adventure App – Inside Edition
  • A Look at the 2019 police killing of Elijah McClain – Boston Globe
May 2020 Headlines

May 2020 Headlines

  • The killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black jogger in Georgia, explained – Vox
  • As The Nation Chants her Name, Breonna Taylor’s Family Grieves a Life ‘Robbed’ – NPR
  • 8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How Goerge Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody – The New York Times
  • Opelika’s Baby Jane Doe remains unnamed eight years after remains discovered – WRBL
  • Police Release Identity of Gilgo Beach Murder Victim  – WCBS News Radio
  • Sheriff: Missing woman Madison Bell found out of state with the man in the poster – ABC St. Louis
  • Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: DNA solves 50-Year-Old Cold Case – Patch
April 2020 Headlines

April 2020 Headlines

  • Air Force member charged with kidnapping, murdering missing Mennonite woman – The Daily Beast
  • Possible Sighting of Bryce Laspisa
  • Search warrant issued in 1996 disappearance of Kristin Smart – ABC News
  • The Kennedys have endured tragedy and untimely deaths. Now it has happened again – Washington Post
  • Green River Killer Gary Ridgway Denied Release Amid Coronavirus Concerns  – Oxygen
  • Florida man used coronavirus quarantine rules to cover up his wife’s murder, police say – ABC News
  • Vanessa Guillan: Police search for Fort Hood soldier who hasn’t been seen since Wednesday – ABC News
March 2020 Headlines

March 2020 Headlines

  • Teen Cowgirl Found Dead After Disappearing With Mystery Man – The Daily Beast
  • Colorado boy Gannon Stauch’s body found 2 months after going missing; stepmother facing new charges – ABC News
  • Arkansas Woman Killed by Same Man Convicted of Mother’s Murder 23 Years Earlier, Sheriff Says – Inside Edition
  • Paige Johnson: Remains of 17-year-old girl found 10 years after disappearance, authorities say – Independent
  • Serial Killer known as ‘Grim Sleeper’ Dies in Prison – The New York Times Times
  • Court Could Set Oral Arguments in Scott Peterson Appeal
February 2020 Headlines

February 2020 Headlines

  • ‘Epitome of Evil’: Delphi double murder still a mystery 3 years later – ABC News
  • Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Rape – The New York Times
  • Man will plead guilty in granddaughter’s cruise ship death to “end part of this nightmare” – CBS News
  • 2 Idaho Siblings Are Missing and Mom Lori Vallow Was Arrested – People
  • Why is the FBI withholding DNA evidence in Austin’s 1991 yogurt shop murders? – KVUE ABC
  • A missing Mennonite woman from New Mexico was found dead 250 miles away – CNN
  • Missing Tennessee toddler Evelyn Boswell was born into family racked by chaos, violence – USA Today
January 2020 Headline Banner

January 2020 Headlines

  • Gilgo Beach Murders: Police Reveal Clue Handled by Serial Killer Suspect – The New York Times
  • Kristin Smart break: Investigators seized trucks belonging to family of person of interest – San Francisco Chronicle
  • Harley Dilly, Ohio teen dead in chimney, was missing 2 days before first report – The Columbus Dispatch
  • Tip in case of Amber Tuccaro slaying from man with history of implicating father – Edmonton Journal
  • ‘People are not going to live forever.’ Why judge pushed forward on East Area Rapist trial – Sacramento Bee
  • New sketches of persons of interest released in connection to Rachel Cooke’s disappearance – CBS Austin
  • The search for Selena Not Afraid ends with ‘great sadness.’ Missing girl’s body found near Montana rest area – USA Today
  • Prince Andrew Offers ‘Zero Cooperation’ in Epstein Case, Prosecutor Says – The New York Times

2019 Top 10 Headlines

Check out our top 10 headlines for 2019.

  • From missing to found alive: A timeline of the Jayme Closs case – KARE 11, NBC
  • Court Stops Execution of Rodney Reed in Texas After Outcry – The New York Times
  • Questions still remain in Mackenzie Lueck’s death –
  • Cyntoia Brown, sentenced to life in prison at 16, will walk free next week – USA Today
  • Brandon Theesfeld indicted on capital murder in slaying of Ole Miss student Ally Kostial  – Star Telegram
  • Savannah Spurlock: Months after disappearance, family desperate for help – Wave3, NBC
  • Private pathologist questions whether Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide; medical examiner stands by conclusion – USA Today
  • Lifetime Announces Movie About Chris Watts 1 Year After He Murdered His Wife and 2 Daughters –
  • FBI releases sketches of unidentified victims drawn by serial killer Samuel Little  –
  • After death of Bianca Devins, Brindisi seeks tighter social media standards – Observer-Dispatch

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