MURDERED: Alvin, Kathy & Nathan

2014 was marked with one of Canada’s most gruesome triple murders. The crime was senseless and though resolved, has left questions in the minds of many years later.

The Case

Kathy, Nathan, Alvin

Kathy Liknes, Nathan O’Brien, Alvin Liknes
Photo Found HERE

Kathy & Nathan, Alvin

Kathy and Nathan, Alvin
Photo Found HERE

Kathy & Alvin, Nathan

Kathy and Alvin, Nathan
Photo Found HERE

Nathan O'Brien's parents

Nathan’s parents Rod and Jennifer O’Brien
Photo Found HERE

Douglas Garland

Douglas Garland
Photo Found HERE

Douglas Garland's truck

Douglas Garland’s truck
Photo Found HERE

Garland Farm aerial view

Aerial view of Douglas’ parents’ farm
Photo Found HERE

Aerial view where bodies where found

Area where the aerial survey company took photos of the 3 bodies
Photo Found HERE

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