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I-65 Killer


Toni Lee Sharpless

MISSING: Toni Lee Sharpless

Tammy Kingery

MISSING: Tammy Kingery

Photo Source: WRDW

Arlis Perry

MURDERED: Arlis Perry

Photo Source: Mercury News

SERIAL KILLER: Tommy Lynn Sells

Photo Source: The Southern

Michael VanZandt

MISSING: Michael VanZandt

Photo Source: Twitter

Ed Gein

MINI: Ed Gein

Photo Source: Serial Killer Shop

Elisa Lam


Photo Source: LA Times

Springfield Three

MURDERED: Springfield Three

Photo Source: The Line-Up

Girl Scout Camp Scott

EXTRA: Girl Scout Murders

Photo Source: Joseph Kaminski

Lynda McDaniel

MURDERED: Lynda McDaniel & the Christmas Ribbon Killer

Photo Source: The Indy Star

Alissa Turney

EXPERT ON: Prosecuting Homicides

Photo Source: Missing Alissa

Skylar Neese

MURDERED: Skylar Neese

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Colonial Parkway Victims

BONUS: Colonial Parkway

Photo Source: Facebook

BONUS: LaVena Johnson

Photo Source: The Sleuth Journal

OJ Simpson


Photo Source: The Unredacted

Black Dahlia

CRIME HUNKIE: Black Dahlia

Photo Source: People

Robert Wone

BONUS: Robert Wone

Photo Source: Washington Post

The Tell-Tale Heart

ADAPTED: The Tell-Tale Heart by EAP

Photo Source: Amazon

Patty Vaughn

MISSING: Patty Vaughan

Photo Source: Investigation Discovery

Ted Bundy


Photo Source: ABC News

Angela Hicks

MURDERED: Angela Hicks (Dr. No’s Stepdaughter)

Photo Source: Facebook

Lynn Messer

BONUS: Thoughts on Lynn Messer

Photo Source: Baptist News

Weepy Voice Killer

CRIME HUNKIES: The Weepy Voice Killer

Photo Source: YouTube

George Smith


Photo Source: 2 Paragraphs

Brook Baker

MURDERED: Brook Baker

Photo Source: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

Mary & Elizabeth Stauffer

CRIME HUNKIES: 53 Days in Hell

Photo Source: ABC News

The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

ADAPTED: The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar by EAP

Photo Source: MrOwl


AMA: Personal

AMA: Crime

Sarah Widmer


Photo Source: Cincinnati.com

Why I Stopped Babysitting

by Eleni Vassiliadis

Zebb Quinn

MURDERED: Zebb Quinn

Photo Source: The Line Up


Ginger Freeman

DNA: Virginia “Ginger” Freeman

Photo Source: The Eagle

Jane Britton

DNA: Jane Britton

Photo Source: UPI

Buckskin Girl

DNA: Buckskin Girl

Photo Source: Find a Grave

Kyron Horman

MISSING: Kyron Horman

Photo Source: CBS News

Christy Mirack

DNA: Christy Mirack

Photo Source: Lancaster Online

Troy & Ladonna French

DNA: Troy & LaDonna French

Photo Source: Greensboro News & Record

Jay Cook & Tanya Van Cuylenborg

DNA: Jay Cook & Tanya Van Cuylenborg

Photo Source: Herald Net

Girls in Tacoma

DNA: Girls in Tacoma

Photo Source: Seattle Times


Joan Risch

MISSING: Joan Risch

Photo Source: Wikipedia

CONSPIRACY: Rebecca Zahau

Photo Source: People

Grimes Sisters

MURDERED: Grimes Sisters

Photo Source: Chicago Now

Angela Hammond

MISSING: Angela Hammond

Photo Source: Unsolved Mysteries

Suzanne Jovin

MURDERED: Suzanne Jovin

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Michele Le

MURDERED: Michele Le

Photo Source: CBS News

Sodder Children

MISSING: Sodder Children

Photo Source: Times West Virginia

Jayme Closs

ABDUCTED: Jayme Closs

Photo Source: WPTV

McStay Family

MURDERED: The McStay Family

Photo Source: The Sun

Tim McNamara

A FAMILY AFFAIR: Death of Tim McNamara

Photo Source: The Wenatchee World

Marie Robards

CONFESSION: Marie Robards

Photo Source: Texas Monthly

Leslie Mueller


Photo Source: NBC News