Pruppets Of The Month: Gamora and Barton

With the holiday season upon us, a lot of people are looking to get or give a puppy for the family. And that’s great, but there are also so many amazing more grown-up dogs that are available at local rescues, who needs some loving too. Today, our Pruppets of the Month are being fostered by one of our listeners, Jason and his wife who live in the Houston, Texas area, which evidently is like the stray dog city. They originally got a hold of us a couple of months ago with their three foster prups. When I reached out to them to feature those good boys on the show, they had already been able to adopt them out to forever homes! Which is so awesome! But they had just taken in two NEW pruppets that week! They didn’t have a lot of story to them yet, but they are both sweet prups who need forever homes!

We have a sweet girl, Gamora, who is super laidback and only wants some love and attention. And then there’s Barton, who is definitely still a little whippersnapper, he has energy for days and has suffered some unknown skin damage around his neck and legs.

Jason said: We love all our fosters, but desperately want to help them find their furever homes (so we can try to save more). We would gladly drive across state lines to find them their homes if need be!

You can get a hold of Jason by emailing him here.

Again, if you’re looking for your new best friend, please consider reaching out to your local animal rescue, or check out some of our faves: Indy Humane, Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue, and Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group.



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