MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

On April 3, 2019 someone claiming Timmothy Pitzen approached a stranger in KY and told them he had escaped abductors. The news went wild with this information as the public waited for DNA results to come in.  We learned that the man was not Timmothy but one of the most mysterious disappearance cases in IL history has been reignited.

On this episode of Crime Junkie we will tell you about the day Timmothy left school with his mom in 2011 and the strange circumstances surrounding their whereabouts after.

The Case

Timmothy at age 6 when he went missing (left) and what he might look like now (right).

Photo Found HERE

Timmothy and his mom at their hotel.

Photo Found HERE

All the surveillance footage of Timmothy and Amy in the days before she died and he went missing.

Photo Found HERE

This is Brian Michael Rini the 23-year-old man posing as Timmothy.

Photo Found HERE

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