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Thanks to our fans who listen every week, Crime Junkie has been able to support the following organizations:

Elizabeth Smart Foundation
Child Advocates
The Network
Center fo Suvivor Agency & Justice
Season of Justice
Color of Change
The LGBT Bar
The Porchlight Project
Bree's Law
The Network la Red
DNA Doe Project
Rachael's First Week
Crime Stoppers
Homicide Survivors Inc.

In addition to supporting the above organizations we, along with our listeners, have contributed time, money and resources directly to victim family members to help them advocate.

Latest Episodes

INFAMOUS: The Big Ben’s Murder

INFAMOUS: The Big Ben’s Murder

When Marie Dupe is found brutally murdered during her first overnight shift at the Big Ben’s convenience store, the town of Sydney, Nova Scotia is sent reeling.

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MISSING: Christina Calayca

MISSING: Christina Calayca

When Christina Calayca disappeared on a camping trip in Ontario, Canada, in 2007, investigators expected to find her in a few short hours.

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MURDERED: Jenny Low Chang

MURDERED: Jenny Low Chang

When 19-year-old Jenny Low Chang is murdered in the library at San Francisco State University, both police and her family are hopeful that her killer will quickly be brought to justice.

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MURDERED: Sharmini Anandavel

MURDERED: Sharmini Anandavel

When 15-year-old Sharmini Anandavel doesn’t come home from her first day at a new job, her family is immediately suspicious of one of their neighbors.

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