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About You

You are obsessed with all things crime-related. It started out as a general interest but now you have this true-crime-shaped-hole in your life that no amount of radio segments, podcasts, or documentaries can fill. And the more true crime media you consume the more you crave it.

You’re the one at the gym looking inconspicuous running to stories about murder instead of music like a normal human. You’re the one telling your friends “fun facts” about the most notorious murder that took place in the city you’re visiting when all they want to talk about is where they’re getting dinner. You don’t read anymore because you’ve already consumed all the good mystery books and freaking Gillian Flynn is just living her life and not thinking about your needs! (Sorry Gillian, I miss you.) You do a thorough internet search on all potential friends and or lovers and get a little bummed out when you don’t find anything juicy. And you’re pretty sure you missed your true life’s calling to be a detective.

Yep, you are a Crime Junkie!

About the Hosts

Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers

Don’t worry; we’re crime junkies, too. We do all those crazy things mentioned above and MORE!

Crime Junkie debuted in December 2017 and has remained at the top of the charts since with over 1 billion downloads and hundreds of episodes. 


Ashley Flowers is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of audiochuck, the award-winning, independent media and podcast production company known for its standout content and storytelling across different genres, including true crime, fiction, comedy, and more. Most recently, Ashley is also the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, All Good People Here.

As CEO, she works with her team to create an overarching content strategy and vision for the network of shows and company growth. She also hosts several audiochuck shows, including chart topping podcasts Crime Junkie, The Deck, and The Deck Investigates. At the core of the company and all its podcasts, Ashley and her team are committed to creating responsible true crime content.

Ashley is passionate about advocacy work and founded the nonprofit Season of Justice in 2020 to provide financial resources to help process DNA in unsolved cold cases.

Flowers was born and raised in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, her daughter, and their beloved dog, Chuck. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Services from Arizona State University.

You can find her on:


Meet Brit Prawat, the co-host of Crime Junkie, Apple Podcasts’ #1 show of 2022 and 2023. Born in Indiana, she’s lifelong friends with host Ashley Flowers, sharing a passion for unraveling mysteries. With experience working for a private investigator, Brit’s role as the inquisitive co-host makes her an essential part of the show’s success, skillfully probing the cases at hand and asking the questions that listeners find themselves yelling out in their cars, eager to uncover the truth alongside her.

Outside the world of crime podcasts, Brit cherishes her downtime by indulging in her passion for documentaries, watching over a hundred each year. Additionally, she finds joy in cooking, entertaining friends and family, and mastering the art of knitting. Brit lives in Mishawaka, Indiana, with her husband and two children.