Am I Getting Scammed?

Getting scammed is easier than ever these days, and with present day technology, scams are now more sophisticated than ever. We don’t want you to be a victim! Please reference our tips below if something ever feels off to ensure you protect yourself, your money, and your family. Remember to be weird, be rude, and stay alive, Crime Junkies.

Check out our episode, BWBRSA: Online Scams to hear about people’s real experiences of getting scammed.

Hooray! You just found an incredible job offering online! But let’s make sure it’s legit…

  • Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.
  • Search the company you’re applying to and include the word “scam” or “review” in the search. If you get results saying the company is fake, or is being used as part of a scam, don’t apply or move any further with your application.
  • If the company sends you payment, take a close look at the check’s coloring, numbers, and edges. If the numbers look strange, the coloring seems off, or more than one edge is rough or perforated, take it into the bank and ask for verification.
  • If you can, try to verify that you’re speaking to a person affiliated with the company hiring you by making contact with the company in a different way – like using contact info on their website, or filling out their “contact us” form.
  • Employers will never – or should never – send you money via a check, and then ask you to send all or any of it back. If this is happening, then they’re likely trying to scam you – so, if you’ve already deposited the check and it’s cleared, don’t spend the money. Instead, go to your bank and explain the situation.

    Have you received an email invite to participate in an online event? Sounds exciting! But take precautions…

    • Make them show you their face on Zoom calls. No one from a legit company is refusing to give you their name or show their face.
    • Don’t share access to your screen or accounts unless you’ve been able to independently verify that the company and person you’re speaking with is legit.
    • It’s okay to reach out independently to whoever you think you’re meeting with to verify.

      Be wary and take extra safety measures when encountering a “Sugar Daddy”.

      • If the money they sent over reads “still pending,” it’s probably not a real transfer.
      • Just because they send you a screenshot of transferred money doesn’t mean it’s real.
      • Avoid purchasing any items for them or send back money in return.
      • Do not let them manipulate you – if something feels off, shut down communication.
      • Always tell at least one other person you trust who you’re communicating with online. Share their name and contact information with someone you trust.

        Some scammers have scooped as low as pretending to be police officers to collect fake “bail” from you. Don’t let them fool you…

        • If you get a call like this, remember: the police will never call you to give you a “heads up” that you’ve broken the law.
        • They’ll almost always be calling you from a blocked number.
        • If you or a loved one are actually arrested, you will always have to pay bail in person.
        • If you’re speaking to someone who claims to be the police on the phone, it’s okay to hang up. Call a different number you can verify, like the non-emergency line, and ask if you’re actually in trouble. Don’t just go into your recent calls and click on the number to call them back, either – actually type in the number, or Google the police station and click “call” on the info panel that pops up.
        • You will not be in more trouble for hanging up!!!!

          It’s been brought to our team’s attention that there is someone, or perhaps a group of folks out there pretending to be from audiochuck, posting jobs on various listing sites. If you apply for one of our positions, make sure it’s really us! Below is the REAL hiring process for audiochuck. If you experience anything else, shut down communication immediately.

          • Our team communicates primarily by email throughout the whole recruitment process, and those emails will always come from an audiochuck.com email address.
          • If you’re skeptical, make sure you check the spelling, because some scammers will try to alter the spelling just slightly to try to fly under the radar. And look closely at the “reply to” field to ensure the appropriate email is listed.
          • The first person you’ll talk to will be our recruitment partner – who, again, has an audiochuck.com email address – then you’ll meet with our Chief of Staff and the manager you’d be reporting to.
          • Any time there’s a virtual interview, our cameras will always be on, and you’ll be able to verify who’s in the meeting by their email address.
          • For all positions, you’ll be asked to complete at least one assessment.
          • Regardless of where you live, you’ll have a final, in-person interview at our office here in Indianapolis. We will fly you out, and pay for your hotel room. You won’t have to spend any money at any point during your time interviewing for us – whether you get the position or not.
          • If you’re unsure of who you’re communicating with, PLEASE reach out to our team via our audiochuck or Crime Junkie websites for confirmation.