SERIAL KILLER: The Hillside Strangler

Between October of 1977 and February of 1978, a serial killer terrorized women in Southern California, known as the Hillside Strangler. Originally preying upon sex workers in Los Angeles, this offender began to target young women regardless of race or background, before simply vanishing for good. It wasn’t until a year later that police were able to link a separate crime to this spree, and from there, began to track down the culprit or, in this case, culprits…

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The Case

Hillside Strangler Victims
Yolanda Washington, Judity Miller, Lissa Kastin, Jane King, Dolores Cepeda, Sonja Johnson, Kristina Weckler, Lauren Wagner, Kimberly Martin, Cindy Hudspeth, Karen Mandic, and Diane Wilder
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Angelo Buono

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Kenneth Bianchi mugshot

Kenneth Bianchi

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