Cannes Playlist

Hi, Crime Junkies! We are SO excited to see you in Cannes. Ashley has curated just the right amount of episodes that will keep you on the edge of your airplane seat for your flight. Bon Voyage!

Crime Junkie

CONSPIRACY: Phillip Island Part 1 | Listen Now

CONSPIRACY: Phillip Island Part 2 | Listen Now 

MURDERED: Erica Gene Shultz | Listen Now 

UPDATE: James Reyos Exonerated | Listen Now 

MISSING: Maura Murray | Listen Now 

CAPTURED: Gilgo Beach Killer | Listen Now

The Deck

Jenny Lin (Queen of Hearts, California) Part 1 | Listen Now 

Jenny Lin (Queen of Hearts, California) Part 2 | Listen Now 

Kirsten Leonard (9 of Spades, Nevada) | Listen Now 

Twana Smith (7 of Clubs, Connecticut) | Listen Now 

Donna Ingersoll (10 of Clubs, Minnesota) | Listen Now 

Clarence “Booda” Sullivan (Ace of Diamonds, South Carolina) | Listen Now 

Park Predators Show Tile.

The Friends | Listen Now

The Backpackers | Listen Now

The Station | Listen Now

Dark Downeast Show Tile.

The Suspicious Death of Barbara Ann Ripley (Maine) | Listen Now 

The Murders of George and Catherine Peacock (Vermont) | Listen Now 

The Murder of Matthew Margolies (Connecticut) | Listen Now