MISSING: Maura Murray (Part 2)

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This week we re-examine everything we thought we knew about Maura and her disappearance. Lying, stealing, cheating… all of this led Maura to leave her dorm room that February 9th. But the more we learn about Maura and her life the more questions we have about why she would have gone to New Hampshire and if she really traveling alone?

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The Case

This is the photo taken of Maura after she got cited by the police for credit card fraud.

Photo Found HERE

This is the A-frame house that has been the center of so much speculation in this case.

Phot Found HERE

This is a copy of Maura cell bill – This isn’t a great version but between the time I research this episode and when it published the main sight with her cell records has been taken down.

Photo Found HERE

This is Butch Atwood who stopped and talked to Maura the night of her accident. Butch says she didn’t appear drunk but he also described Maura as having black hair that was down. Maura was seen earlier in the day with her hair in a bun and it was light brown. Was it really Maura that he saw? And if so, why did she turn down his help?

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My name is Ashley Flowers and I'm a Junkie, too.

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