MISSING: Niqui McCown

Our first episode covers the case of Niqui McCown, a local Indiana woman, who went missing from a laundry mat just weeks before her wedding. See the pictures of the key players in the story below, and listen to the episode for more details.

The Case

Niqui and Bobby
Niqui & her fianceé Bobby

Listen to Episode 1

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[…] Episode 1 – MISSING: Niqui McCown […]

[…] storytelling and local to Indianapolis. The craziest thing is that Episode 1 covers the story of Niqui McCown, a missing woman from RICHMOND IN! WOW! That’s the city where Indiana University East is […]

[…] first episode featured the story of Niqui McCown, an Indiana woman who went missing from a laundromat just weeks […]

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