MURDERED: Chandra Levy

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When political intern Chandra Levy goes missing, all eyes turn towards her hometown congressman. But when that lead dries up, and other women are being attacked, who is really to blame?

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Photo of Ingmar: (FOR SARI’S STORY) SLUG: ME/GUANDIQUE. DATE: 05/24/2002. CREDIT: Courtesy of the DC Dept of Corrections. LOCATION: Washington, DC. CAPTION: **FILE** Undated file police mug shot of Ingmar Guandique, who according to court papers, attacked a woman on May 14, 2001, and another on July 1 not far from where Chadra Levy’s body was found in Rock Creek park in Washington. Washington Police Chief Charles Ramsey cautioned against calling Guandique a suspect, noting that the medical examiner still has not determined how Levy died and that the case remains a “death investigation.” (AP Photo/DC Dept. of Corrections)