MURDERED: Reyna Marroquín // Michelle Schroader

Episode Summary

This week we have two stories of women who were murdered and laid to rest, Reyna Marroquín and Michelle Schroader. It would take decades before Reyna would be able to rest in peace, and Michelle and her family are still waiting for their day.

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Reyna Marroquín

Michelle Schroader

To donate to Kara’s Go Fund Me, to help move her mother’s remains, click HERE.

UPDATE: In less than 12 hours our Crime Junkies raised enough money to have Michelle’s remains moved! Kara has applied for a permit with the funeral home and she hopes to have the move completed in 3-5 months. All money raised over the $4,000 that was needed will be donated to OASIS Women’s Shelter, a local domestic violence program in the area where Michelle lived for battered women and their dependent children.

For a list of domestic violence resources, click HERE

Episode Source Material

All information from the Michelle Schroader case came from court documents, police reports, and court audio/video that was obtained directly from the county courts by Kara Schroader (Michelle’s daughter).