MYSTERIOUS DEATH: Kendrick Johnson

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In 2013 a 17-year-old boy’s body was found rolled up in a high school gym mat. Local law enforcement was quick to rule it an accident and move on but the family is sure this is a case of murder being covered up.

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The Case

This is the gym where Kendrick was found.

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Here is an image of Kendrick found inside the mat. You can see his shoes that he was wearing during the day are off his feet and next to his legs inside the rolled up mat. The question for many people is how did they get there if they weren’t placed?

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This is the photo posted by Kendrick’s family as proof that his death wasn’t an accident.

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Kendrick when he was actually pulled from the mat.

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The Evidence

The Mat
Here is Kendrick’s dad trying to illustrate his son was too wide to fit in.

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Seen at the top of the mat that Kendrick had been wearing that day.

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The shoe that was below Kendrick. Presumably the one he was reaching for. But why is there blood under the shoe and not on it?

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