MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Patrick Mullins (Unsolved Mysteries Recap)

Episode Summary

A surprise bonus episode is a Crime Junkie must when a case featured on Unsolved Mysteries shakes you to your core and reveals a major true crime coincidence.

When Patrick Mullins goes missing in January 2013, no one knows where he went or why he would leave his seemingly happy life behind. But when his body is found nine days later tied to an anchor in four feet of water, two opposing theories emerge: was he murdered, or did he die by suicide? From a missing weapon to a lack of forensic evidence, Ashley and Delia dive into the inconsistencies that have plagued this case – as well as discuss how a medical examiner from CounterClock Season 4 ties into all of it.

To listen to CounterClock Season 4: The Death of John Welles, visit www.counterclockpodcast.com or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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