Pruppet of the Month: Abbe

Abbe, dog wearing a bandana

Today’s pruppet comes to us from our listener Shayna and her puppet Abbe of the Great White North! That’s right, we have a Canadian pruppet today. But! Abbe, who is a super mutt, looks kind of like a red Australian Shepherd-y dog, is actually a rescue who came to Canada by way of Mexico! She was rescued there as a puppy, then moved to a rescue in Canada, which is where Shayna met her!

Growing up, Shayna’s grandpa had a blue heeler that everyone in the family loved. So, when it was time for her family to get a puppy they looked for something along the same lines of breeding when they found Abbe. She’s been a part of Shayna’s life ever since and that was almost 14 years ago!

A couple of years ago, she got a knick from a set of clippers while getting groomed and not only did the wound become infected, but necrotic and they were going to lose her. They tried everything for it from antibiotics and steroids, which made her a notorious food snatcher: from cheese buns on the counter to pizza right off your plate if you weren’t watching closely! With the wound not healing and Abbe getting worse, Shayna’s mom actually made an appointment to have Abbe put down. That’s when the vet told them they had one last resort, and that was to numb the area, and cut out all of the necrotic tissue and hope that all of the infection and grossness went with it. And guess what, IT WORKED! Two weeks later, Abbe was bouncing and running around like nothing ever happened, and celebrated her 14th birthday with a pupcake just a few months ago!

Abbe is the gentlest girl, will give you a tiny lick on the nose when you ask for kisses, nudges you when she wants pets, and gets just the tiniest bit huffy when she’s ready for bed, and you aren’t. Even when Shayna’s grandpa was hospitalized for an extended amount of time, they got a special pass for Abbe to come in and cuddle with him during that time and it was the highlight of grandpa’s days. Shayna said that if you believe dogs can have old souls, Abbe has one. Even though she came from Mexico, she is a Canadian puppet through and through, who loves bouncing around in the fresh snow and even laying in snowbanks whenever possible.

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Dog Tales

As always, there is a rescue I’d like to highlight and it is called Dog Tales Rescue. They actually rescue and shelter pretty much all animals INCLUDING horses! They have volunteer opportunities, a store where you can buy leashes or postcards to help support them, and of course, if you’re in Canada, check it out if you’re looking for a new best friend!