Pruppet of the Month: Buford

Buford sitting in the grass

Today we have a little bit of a pandemic Pruppet of the Month, and I feel like we talk a lot about folks who get their fur babies in college, which I always side-eye, but of course, Ashley always endorses. This might be the next big trend for Pruppet of the Month!

This story came to us from our listener Jenna and she had lived in the same no-dogs-allowed apartment complex for ten years. She had grown up in a dog household, so the adjustment never really happened and when the complex changed ownership last year, she reviewed her new lease and noticed a very important change… “Pet clause: Limit one dog.” So, Jenna basically ran to her local rescue websites to find her new bestie and she found THE perfect one, a husky shepherd mix named Mulder, you know, after the X-Files, her first spooky love!

Now, this was kind of at the height of the pandemic, so everything at the shelters was by appointment only. Jenna applies, her application is approved, she makes an appointment to meet Mulder, and shows up only to find out that Mulder had already been adopted. When I read that, I was like, “WTF?!” and even Jenna was confused and sad.

She had had her heart set on basically becoming a dog parent that day. But, as she said in her submission, where better to be sad than at a pet rescue. So, she takes the opportunity to go through the rest of the facility to see if she wants to meet any of their other dogs. Jenna makes a bee line to the big dog area and strolls through. When she gets to the very last kennel in the aisle, the kennel had a panel covering he door that said, “My kennel is covered because I’m anxious.” To which Jenna said, “I mean, SAME,” (and Jenna, I love you for that, because I need my kennel covered most days).

This was a dog the rescue had named Rover and was a sweet red hound mix with the white spots that made him look like a baby deer. He was just about as nervous as one. After some time in the play yard, where he sniffed every inch of the place, Jenna told the place that she’d take him. She named him Buford and took him home that very day. Get this…when she got Buford’s file, Jenna found out that he had been rescued from a killl shelter, moved to this place, and adopted out twice, only to be returned. Once had been just the day before Jenna went to the rescue! Talk about kismet!

Buford initially didn’t adjust well. His anxiety made him scared and act out in destructive behaviors, but Jenna was determined to help this sweet boy and talked to her vet about medicating him of his anxiety. She also found a trainer who diligently worked with Buford extensively. Now he’s the best prup ever, according to Jenna! He loves going camping and the dog park. Jenna is a scuba instructor and Buford even goes with her to the diving quart to hang out on her dives now too! Oh, and of course, this handsome dude has an Instagram.


The rescue Jenna asked us to highlight is Gigi’s in Columbus, Ohio. They rescued Buford from the kill shelter he was originally in and do really great work in that area.