Pruppets of the Month: Cash & Valley


Cash in a cow costume

We have Cash who was submitted by his mom, and our listener, Jenna. Jenna was finally moving out of her apartment and getting ready to rent a house on acreage, so she could finally have a pruppet of her very own. There were chickens on the property, so it was a MUST that whatever dog she got would be okay with chickens. She found a cattle dog who actually lived in a foster home with chickens, and the shelter confirmed that he would be okay with them. She talked to her boyfriend about it, and he thought it’d be best to look at least because it would be super hard to find a rescue dog who wouldn’t kill the chickens. So she looked… and looking turned into adopting.

When they met this adoptable dog, Jenna knew immediately that she was in love. She called her boyfriend, who brought over his dog, Sage, to make sure they got a long… and they were PERFECT for each other. Sage LOVES fetch, and even though the rescue dog didn’t really like fetch, he LOVED herding dogs who were playing fetch. Match made in heaven. While they were getting to know each other, the foster dad mentioned that this prup JUST became available for adoption… because he had been on evidence hold. And like, that’s when Jenna’s Crime Junkie ears perked up. At that point, all they knew was that this prup had been seized in an animal abuse case… which is already heartbreaking.

But, I’m gonna have a content warning right now. Because… this gets graphic.

The next day, when filling out all the paperwork to adopt the pruppet that would come to be known as Cash, the desk clerk at the shelter told Jenna MORE about what had happened to Cash. Two men had owned Cash, who hadn’t been neutered… and he kept “wandering away,” and to remedy this problem, these two supposed humans decided that they were going to castrate this dog themselves… It obviously didn’t go well, and they basically left him for dead. SOMEHOW this brave little pruppet got out and ran to the neighbor’s house, who recognized him. They saw how injured he was and confronted the owner, who told the neighbor what they had done, and this angel neighbor immediately called the sheriff’s office. A deputy came out, arrested the jerks who did this, and another rushed the pruppet to the emergency vet where his life was saved. After he was adopted, news outlets came out and did some stories on Cash and Jenna, which are linked below!

Cash has come a long way, overcoming fear of men, understandably, and separation anxiety (one time he literally chewed through a door while Jenna was away from the house). But he’s such a good dog. He has amazing recall, knows a ton of tricks, and even started agility training recently and LOVES IT. He loves stuffed animals but refuses to shred them, and Cash likes to pick one out before they leave for walks, or car rides, or anywhere. And his favorite is a GIANT chicken, which is about the same size as Cash is!

Articles about Cash:


Valley - Adoptable pruppet

*Update: Valley has been adopted!!*

Lakai, who we featured on our February 24th episode was adopted before the episode was released! So, we went back to the same rescue and selected another pruppet to feature! Sweet little (big) Valley, a female Anatolian Shepherd mix!