Pruppet of the Month: Cooper

Cooper getting a bath

When I reached out to Paul, I had no idea what a touching adoption story he had with his dog named Cooper. One day Cooper mysteriously shows up in his friends front yard. He had a collar but no tag. And Paul says he was full tails wags and happiness even though he looked really unhealthy – super skinny – bad skin… None of his friends were in a position to take a dog in at the time, Paul had just broken up with his girlfriend, and was staying at his sister’s house and his other friend had just adopted a dog. But you can’t ignore a puppy. I mean, I guess you can but that makes you a monster – and our listeners aren’t monsters. So, they decide to all kinda pitch in and see if they can find where he came from or find him a forever home if they couldn’t.

Well, as they’re on this hunt they kind of have this realization – remember the friend who had just gotten a puppy? Well, the puppy was from a breeder and it looks almost identical to Cooper – so they decide to call the breeder to see if anyone else in the area had adopted on of their dogs. SURE ENOUGH —- she had sold the dog to a family just down the street from them AND… it turns out Cooper and their dog were from THE SAME LITTER – COOPER FOUND HIS BROTHER! *all the tears*

They get the information – go to this house and its a total dump – boarded up windows, totally unkempt. And they can tell that Cooper has basically been living in a little enclosed area on their front porch – he has no food in his bowl – water bowl is bone dry… No wonder the dog left.

And they said as soon as they pull up to this place Cooper is visibly upset and scared – he wouldn’t even get out of the car.

So Paul’s friend who’s making this trip goes to the front door – knocks on doors, windows, everything trying to get someone to come out and finally someone comes to the door – it’s a middle aged guy tweaked out of his mind. She asks him about Copper and he’s like oh yea – he’s mine didn’t even know he was gone  – and he had been with them for hours at this point. So Paul’s friend starts laying into him and finally she says – you know what you can’t have him back… and all this guy does is shrug his shoulders….. and close the door.

This is when she called Paul on her way home just weeping and she begs Paul to keep the dog. She had Cooper’s brother and she wanted them to always have each other and be close so Paul agreed to take him in – but he had no idea how it was gonna work. Like I said it was a rough time for Paul but Paul said you know what I felt like he came into my life for a reason – so he took him to his sister’s where he was staying. When he got there he gave Cooper some food and water but Cooper wouldn’t eat or drink he just sat there and stared at him … he was waiting for permission from Paul! So Paul started petting his head and telling him it’s OK now and without missing a beat he goes for the food– so while he is eating Paul is just loving on him telling him everything is gonna be OK and Cooper’s gonna have a better life and after his finishes off his food and water, he just goes to Paul’s bed, sits next to it and lays his head on the bed. Paul smacked the bed and told him he could come up and he said he’s never seen a dog so happy in his whole life.

He said he cuddled right in his nook and slept there all night. Cooper has been his shadow ever since. They do absolutely everything together and Paul says he’s looking like a brand new dog now – well-fed, his skin is healthy, and all his infections are cleared up. Paul even said you know he might have saved Cooper but he really thinks Cooper gave more to him. He was really in a rough place and he needed that best friend and that unconditional love more than even Cooper might have.