Pruppet of the Month: Corbin


Corbin’s Story as told by his Foster Mom, Amy:

Corbin is an 8-year-old black German Shepherd Dog (GSD). He’s lived as part of our family for 10 months while looking for his special family. He’s a total goofball. You can’t leave socks on the floor, he takes them! He loves to just eat, lounge around, and watch TV. But he will NEVER turn down a walk. I’d keep him, but then I couldn’t help save others. He doesn’t do cats or small dogs, but he likes big dogs just fine. He’s available for adoption through Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS). Our website is http://mogsrescue.org/ and we are on Facebook!

Here’s a bunch of info on MOGS and you can glean what you desire from it. We are an all foster and all donation rescue.

Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS) is a small, mighty, overwhelmed and broke breed rescue. So thank YOU for being willing to say ANYTHING about us.

The MOG Organization:

In 2011, German Shepherds were declared the #2 homeless dog in America and it continues unabated. Tens of thousands of German Shepherds are dumped and killed each year. Although we’re 100% volunteer and everyone has full-time jobs and families, we devote tens of thousands of hours and dollars every year to saving these lives. Every single day we get multiple calls from owners, finders, vets, and shelters begging us to take dogs. And we do – untrained 1 yr olds who are no longer “cute puppies”, a pregnant-about-to-deliver dog, a blind 10-year-old, heartworm positive dogs, a dog with a withered leg, dogs hit by cars, terrified dogs, unsocialized dogs, puppy mill dogs, dogs with serious medical conditions or behavioral issues, working dogs bought by people who have no idea what to do with them, and more. A few examples are Delilah (withered leg), Spencer (an alcoholic’s dog – unsocialized, had no permanent home, reacts fearfully to all strangers), Riggo (a working dog whose owners had no idea what to do with him), Zeke (dog-aggressive) and many more. Our philosophy is “If we can help the dog, we will.” We’re proud of who we are and what we’re doing – and grateful for all interest in and support of our mission!

Amy also owns two other GS-Pruppets.