Pruppets of the Month: Cortana & Pablo


Cortana with his humans

Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about a puppet named Cortana. Cortana is a boxer mix who kinda got bounced around a few humane societies in Virginia. She was adopted twice before our listener Meagan adopted her. The first time, she was returned because she wasn’t allowed to stay in the home due to the land lord’s disapproval. The second time, the family soon welcomed a new baby and Cortana was just too much for them to keep. When Meagan and her boyfriend first met her at the humane society, she was the only dog not barking and going nuts. So, they asked to take her to a playroom, where she immediately brightened up, started zooming around and throwing toys in the air for herself to catch and they KNEW Cortana was the perfect pruppet for them!

Since that day in 2016, Cortana has been adventuring with them non stop! They’ve gone from Virginia to DC, to both the Carolinas, almost all of the East Coast (including New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in 2017). She has done all sorts of fun things with them, like go to a Major League Baseball game, hiked through the Adirondacks, Blue Ridge Mountains, and even visited Niagara Falls. They’re now settled in Montreal, Quebec. Meagan said that this year has been the toughest yet, because right around her 5th birthday, they discovered Cortana had a mast cell tumor. They decided to throw her a huge birthday party at her favorite place in Montreal, Le Doggy Cafe, where she had her very own birthday cake that she devoured. She had her big surgery in May to have her tumor removed and even though it was super scary, Cortana has been recovering fine, and spent all summer kayaking, swimming, and even running with Meagan a few times while she was training for a marathon. Meagan said they’re now just settling in for another snowy winter in Quebec.



*Update: Pablo has been adopted!!*

Pablo is a boxer mix that came to IndyHumane in November 2018 with a mangled leg. He originally was apart of their Medical Sponsorship program. He spent several weeks receiving medical care and recovering. Once he was healed, he worked with their canine enrichment program becoming the best doggo he could be, learning puppy manners, and staying busy and happy while he waited at the shelter. Pablo is a sweet boxer, pitbull mash-up and 100% adorable as can be!

He is so full of life and energy. He is silly and keeps the IndyHumane volunteers and staff alike on their toes. Pablo is more ready than ever to find his furever family. Pablo’s future adopter should understand that this boy is ready to live life to the fullest after a year in and out of the shelter. He is looking for an adopter with an active lifestyle filled with fun, toys, hikes, positive training sessions, and of course all the cuddles.