Pruppet of the Month: Gary

Gary sitting outside

Today’s story was submitted by our listener Joe about his best friend Gary. Joe adopted Gary, the most gorgeous white dog, from a shelter in Montana. Gary had actually come from the meat trade in South Korea and moved to Montana to find a forever home!

Now, Joe is a big fan of motorcycles, and in late 2018, shortly after he got Gary, he bought a new motorcycle. I’ve never been to Montana, but late in the year, I assume it’s pretty cold and not the best motorcycling weather. Joe put his new bike in a trailer and went down Las Vegas for a few days to try out his new bike and Gary went to a sleepover with his grandma and grandpa, Joe’s parents. Every morning, Gary would go out with Joe’s parent’s dog, Witten, for a morning stroll around the neighborhood. They went together every morning and every morning, they came back. Until one day on this trip, Gary didn’t come back.

Joe’s parents didn’t tell him right away and went out looking for Gary the entire day. Finally, they broke the news to Joe who was on the last night of his trip. Joe said he barely slept that night, and the 12-hour drive from Vegas home the next day flew by. All he wanted to do was get home and find Gary.

It was now New Year’s Day 2019, and Facebook friends, family, and everyone in their town was out and about looking for Gary with no luck. One morning, Gary was seen on the porch of one of Joe’s mom’s coworkers, As soon as they open the door, Gary is like, NOPE and runs away. Gary’s grandparents both head over and try to find and bring Gary home. They both see him and try to call him over, but Gary just keeps running away.

It had been days now and they were so excited with the thought of finding Gary and surprising Joe with having him, they hadn’t thought to wake Joe up and let him know so he could help! It finally dawned on them and they call Joe. Joe comes out to where they are and there is Gary, still running away. As soon as Joe called Gary’s name, he turned around immediately ran to Joe and jumped into his arms!

They still have no idea where Gary was for the week he had been missing, but he seemed to have been taken care of. They assume that someone found him, took him in, saw the ad about a missing dog Joe’s mom had put in the local paper, and kicked Gary out to go home.

Three years later, Gary is still with Joe, Joe’s girlfriend, and her three sons, who all adore Gary. He can still be skittish around new people, but Joe said it hasn’t stopped them from living their best lives together.

Humane Society of NW Montana

I want to highlight a rescue local to our pruppet, Gary. Be sure to check out the Humane Society of Northwest Montana to see their adoptable pets or how you can help!