Pruppet of the Month: Joker

Joker, greyhound, laying on a couch

Today I’m going to tell you about a sweet pruppet named Jokerman sent into us by his human, Rebecca.

Rebecca claims that she is the weird girl who went to every dog night at local beirgartens just to pet all the dogs and ask their owners about their personalities and breeds and all of their little quirks… which same girl. But she had never had a dog of her own. One of her friends got a rescued greyhound, and of course, Rebecca fell in love. He was the sweetest and kindest dog Rebecca had ever met.

As Rebecca was getting out of a relationship she classified as stupid, she looked up greyhound rescues in Michigan where she was currently living. She applied and got contacted by a recruiter with the organization and did all of the application process and interviews. Greyhounds are a BIG responsibility, and this rescue took that super seriously. But finally, Rebecca was able to adopt Jokerman, and she said, it was love at first sniff. He’s stoic and regal and quiet, which is pretty typical of greyhounds, but she said he cried when his foster mom first left. After a little bit, he came over to her and just stared at her like, are you my new mommy? And when I tell you I cried when I read that, I mean that I wept.

Shortly after she adopted Joker, they went back to NY, where Rebecca is from for a wedding, but she left the wedding early to spend more time with Joker. It was a total bonding weekend for them, just spending time together in the hotel they’d booked.

She said he’s the goofiest boy who loves his zoomies and she lives in an apartment at the moment, but is looking for a house with a fenced yard so he can zoom around freely. He’s had some health issues recently, but Rebecca reached out to me and let me know he’s doing SO much better and is back to his normal self.

And are you ready for the sweetest part of this story? Jokerman is a retired racing greyhound. One thing that happens to racing hounds is that they get an identifying number tattooed in their ears. Well, Rebecca got the SAME number in the same color of green as Jokerman’s ear tattoo on her shoulder, so what was a symbol of his past life, is now a set of matching tattoos for two besties.


When I asked for more information on the rescue where she got Joker, she sent me to HoundsofGrace.org, which is based in Michigan and focusing solely on greyhounds. G.R.A.C.E. stands for greyhound retirement, adoption care, and education and they are staffed solely by volunteers that are passionate about finding permanent homes for retired racing greyhounds, which I just love. As always, you can find more information here about G.R.A.C.E.