Pruppet of the Month: Lady Bird

Lady Bird looking over a railing

I am on a roll, this is a happy pruppet story submitted by our listener, Amber. Amber was a foster volunteer with a rescue called FurKid Rescue based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when a little dog named Ma’Lady came in. She had been surrendered from Tennessee after becoming partially paralyzed and losing the use of her back legs from landing wrong when she jumped off a bed. Her family took her to a vet to be euthanized because they couldn’t afford to get her surgery that may or may not help her, or give her a good quality of life if this was how she’d be living the rest of her life. The vet brought them in, and asked the family to consider, instead of that, would they be willing to surrender her to a rescue? And they were! So this is when FurKid Rescue stepped in and moved Ma’Lady to Pennsylvania, and asked Amber to step in and foster her for a short term, till they could find a longer placement.

In the meantime, FurKid Rescue, and their supporters raised funds to get Ma’Lady her surgery! When she came out of her surgery, she still didn’t have use of her legs, and the vet pretty much deemed it a failure but Amber was already too far gone, and Ma’Lady became Ladybird and a total foster fail. She got her a little cart for her back legs and they became best friends forever over two years ago.

But that’s not where this story ends… 

Amber discovered some dog physical therapy videos on YouTube one day and had a thought. With a lot of hard work and Amber’s very careful guidance, Lady Bird is walking, running, and hiking with all four paws today! Amber said she looks a little bit tipsy sometimes, but who cares! 

Lady Bird has an Instagram (@ma.ladybird) that I highly recommend checking out and giving her a follow because this little puppet genuinely smiles. I’ve already sent her to half of the audiochuck team in anticipation and so I wouldn’t spoil the story for Ashley.

FurKid Rescue

Fur Kid Recuse

Check out FurKid Rescue who literally helped save Lady Bird’s life and where Amber still volunteers and fosters. Amber also asked that we encourage our listeners to consider fostering or adopting a special needs pet. Don’t count them out! We talk about adopting and loving on senior pets a lot, but every animal in every shelter deserves love.