Pruppets of the Month: Murphy & Thatcher


Megan holding Murphy

Murphy’s Story as told by his Mom, Rachel:

I had been bugging my husband through ALL stages of our relationship (dating, engaged, AND married) to let us get a dog and he always gave a firm “no.” He actually is allergic to dogs so I kind of understood where he was coming from, but I mean, he takes his medicine daily so I figured that should be enough protection! In December of 2016, my husband, Michael, went to the Dominican Republic on a work trip and I knew that it was a now or never situation.

My dream dog has always been a Great Pyrenees but I thought we should start a littttllee smaller considering Michael never agreed to a dog in the first place. So I got in touch with someone on Facebook who happened to be selling English Cream Golden Retrievers! They look super similar to Great Pyrenees’ but aren’t as big. They’re basically white golden retrievers that are a little stockier. At the time, there were only 2 puppies left in the litter. I asked about “Mr. Orange Collar,” as he was originally named, and the breeder confirmed he was “the most laid back of the bunch.” I knew he was the one. I love to be active but a pup down to cuddle and nap was pretty high on my list!

I drove 4 hours one way to pick Murphy up. It was snowing and the roads were a little rough but I wasn’t going to let the weather stop me from picking up my pup! I met the breeder at a gas station in West Virginia and it was basically love at first sight. The pup was the smallest, cutest, little white nugget and his puppy breath was the best.

I immediately texted my husband a picture to show him our newest family member and he was as excited as I could have hoped for.

Mr. Orange Collar became Murphy, and he adjusted to us right away. Michael even got more comfortable with him as well! His firm stance on “no dogs in the bed” was QUICKLY thrown out the window and I was so, so pleased.

Almost 2 years later, we can’t imagine our lives without Murphy. He brings us so much laughter, joy, and cuddles. His signature trick is especially amazing – he can balance things on his head!! One night, I took my shoe off and just put it on his head as a joke, only to find that he absolutely froze when I left the shoe there. Things quickly escalated and we moved to other objects.. a baseball, a roll of toilet paper, an egg, a strip of bacon, and many more! We are currently working up to a glass of red wine. I’ve attached more photos for you guys to see.

Besides this trick, Murphy’s favorite hobbies include stealing socks and creating a hidden pile of them (he has a specific chair in our living room that he hides them behind), chewing sticks, and sleeping on the couch. He really is so low-key, so it’s fitting that his name is Murphy, as that actually means “white potato” and he is such a white potato.

Murphy is also a certified emotional support animal and has traveled (even flown)to 5 different states with me! He is the sweetest, goodest boy and I’m so thankful to have had him by my side in all sorts of situations. We are currently in the process of getting him trained to work in hospitals and retirement homes and I can’t wait to share his love with others.

P.S. Michael’s allergies are just fine with a pruppet!



*Update: Thatcher has been adopted!!*

Our adoptable pruppet of the month is Thatcher from Animal Friends of North Central West Virginia.

Thatcher is a 4-5-year-old hound mix weighing approximately 65-70lbs. He is a handsome, fun loving guy that is a small dog at heart! He enjoys car rides, cuddles, walks, treats, and soft beds!

Thatcher LOVES kids, and other dogs. His size and excitement are too much for feline companions. Thatcher is looking for a moderately active family to call his own! He would love to go on fun adventures, and hang out on the couch with you! He is kennel trained, walks well on a leash, and is potty trained.