April 2023

Letter #1:

“ Dear Crime Junkie,

I was involved in a car accident and had to go to physical therapy, during that time, my therapist told me about Crime Junkie. My answer was, I’m a police officer; why would I listen to people telling me about crime. I decided to give it a go. I have been a faithful listener since then. Some of the stories told with a twist and turn and me yelling at the radio because I can’t believe how some of the victim’s families get victimized all over again. The show helped me as an officer to become more attuned to the victim’s stories, for example, one of the Crime Junkies episodes about teen romance violence Pena and Walker. After I was done listening to that episode. I received a dispatch call about a subject threatening to commit suicide. When I arrived, I saw a male walking away from a female. EMS personnel and I got him to stop. While he was speaking with the medic. I asked the female why is the gentleman trying to kill himself; her response gave me pause. She told him that it was over between the two of them that is why he said to her that he was going to kill himself. Crime Junkie alert because of the Pena and Walker episode, I asked more questions that I and other officers usually ask, that is when she told me that every time he physically abused her, she tried to leave him. The male tells her that he would kill himself; needless to say, my training from Crime Junkie kicked in full gear. I explained that what he was doing was a form of control and gave her all the information needed to get a protection order and give her an avenue of escape from that toxic relationship. In closing, I appreciate the work you guys are doing, and keep it up.”

Letter #2:

“I wanted to tell y’all that I LOVE your podcasts. I started listening last summer and have binged all your projects. I am a police officer in Fort Worth Texas. At first I was skeptical but I soon realized that you were fair toward my profession (calling out bad investigations and shouting out good ones). I also realized that your podcasts have value in making me a better officer. I have almost 20 years on the job and I’m currently a Sergeant in patrol. One of my biggest fears is screwing up an investigation by making errors when we arrive. If we don’t interview correctly or protect the crime scene our patrol officers can taint/ruin the investigation and chances of a future apprehension. THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into keeping victims in the limelight! I have even used some of your podcast (excerpts) to teach my patrol team. Please keep up the great work!”