April 2024

Web Submission:

I just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I went through something tonight that without the advice of your podcast I don’t know what I would have picked up on. I was getting tailgated by a blacked-out SUV and turned into a grocery store to let them pass by, however I kept an eye on the SUV and noticed them pause at the next entrance. I stayed in my car to see what direction they were going to go. They pulled in and pulled right in front of my car. As soon as the doors opened, I backed out thinking that if they’re here for groceries they’ll keep walking, but they jumped back in the car and chased me. I drove straight to the police dept despite them trying to pull in front of me at a light to block me in. I don’t know what their intentions were, but I trusted my gut and stayed alert when things felt off. Me before your podcast… I could see it now… either obliviously walking into the grocery store or talking to them at my window trying to be nice and de-escalate whatever the situation was. But when things felt off, I paid attention and trusted myself. They passed the police station of course when I pulled in but I was at least able to get them a description of the car, the one driver I saw, and they escorted me back home after about 2 hours to make sure I wasn’t being followed. I’m still shaking but I had to reach back out and tell you how incredibly thankful I am for all your advice over the years… it truly has changed me for the better. Lots of love to your entire team and from a dog groomer and dog lover give Chuck a hug for me. <3 Dyana