March 2024

Web Submission:

Hello. Fellow Crime Junkie and teacher here.

Last month I listened to your episode about Mya Peña and Emma Walker. This episode was so powerful and it got me thinking. I teach high school English, and since this episode was centered around high school students I REALLY wanted to incorporate it within our class somehow. I went back and forth with myself, especially with the climate of the House Bill 1134 here in Indiana, and debated getting “in trouble” for sharing the information. Then in true Crime Junkie fashion….. I said “screw that, if I can help even one kiddo it’s worth it!” I will deal with the repercussions.

So, I listened to the episode with my 11th grade classes. It fit in perfectly, since we just started our narrative unit. I obviously discussed the greater narrative techniques you all use; such as foreshadowing, hooking the listener (reader), tone etc. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I got the word out to students. It was very powerful! I have since had several students come up to me and tell me thank you for letting them listen to the podcast. They tell me their stories, and I have even had some ask me how to help their friends in similar situations.

As my day went on, I introduced the story for the 4th time that day, and somehow in this class, I began telling them my own story of domestic violence. They had so many questions and I did my best to answer what I could, we definitely bonded and had “a moment” that day in class.

All in all, I am sharing this to let you know, the word has been shared with even more listeners and you all are helping in so many ways. I wanted to say, Thank You, from me and my 11th grade students. I am so glad I was able to share my favorite podcast with my students and get a powerful message out there. There were many lessons taught that day in class. Thank you for your time.