September 2023


Hi! There’s an amazing organization in Indianapolis that serves victims of sexual violence and similar crimes who have PTSD. The Freedom K9 Project is currently training two service dogs, Genesis and Sam, to go to survivors of gender-based violence 100% for free. I know they are having some trouble fundraising and could probably use some additional visibility. They are the only organization in the country that specialized in training service dogs for survivors of sexual violence. I know this because I am one of the people who will be receiving one of the pups. I haven’t even met them yet, but they’ve already changed my life. I’ve been involved in the court case against my perpetrator in a trial that lasted nearly four years due to covid-19. When I found out I was receiving one of these guys, I finally felt hopeful. I’ve also been involved in nonprofit work for years, and this is really a unique organization. They are well organized, and everyone I’ve interacted with has been nothing but kind and beyond respectful. They are developing a program to treat PTSD and are working with a multidisciplinary team. They don’t know I’m reaching out, but I figured this organization would be a good fit for you as they are also based in Indianapolis and work with crime victims. I feel so fortunate to be receiving the care I am from the Freedom K9 Project, and I just want to do everything I can to help them grow.