UNIDENTIFIED: Sumter County Does

Episode Summary

In August of 1976, the bodies of a young man and woman were found in rural Sumter County, South Carolina. Police would infer a lot from their belongings and the state of their bodies. Now more than four decades later, their identities, as well as the identity of their killer, remain a mystery. BUT the Crime Junkies have a chance to change that.

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Proceeds from all ‘Season of Justice’ sales were donated to the DNA Doe Project to help solve this case and others from our most recent merch sale. Crime Junkie’s helped raise $17,500!

You can also donate directly to the DNA Doe Project HERE.

‘Jock’ Doe

Jock’s Doe Network case can be found here.

Jane Doe

Jane’s Doe Network case can be found here.

Jewelry found on the victims

Jock & Jane’s Graves

Thanks to fellow Crime Junkie Jamie Fischer for finding where Jock and Jane Doe are currently buried and sharing these photos!