audiochuck Founds New Non-Profit to Help Fund Cold Case Investigations

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Season of Justice

audiochuck’s founder and CEO, Ashley Flowers, has founded a new non-profit called Season of Justice. Season of Justice (SOJ) is dedicated to providing funding to law enforcement agencies and families to help solve cold cases. SOJ provides grants to law enforcement for advanced DNA analysis solutions, such as forensic genealogy and next-generation sequencing. The organization also awards grants to families to support awareness campaigns, search teams and other initiatives that can assist in pushing their cold cases forward. SOJ’s goal is to provide financial resources for both law enforcement and families in order to bring closure to those impacted by unsolved violent crimes.

Though Season of Justice is completely separate from audiochuck, it’s because of Crime Junkie listeners that we have been able to fund the organization so far. Every time you’ve ordered merch, signed up for the fan club or just listened to one of our ads on Crime Junkie we have donated to SOJ.

Because of you, we have already been able to award $145,000 in grants to assist with 25 cold cases. And that’s JUST the beginning. We expect to award another $75,000 to $100,000 through the rest of this year and hopefully much more in the years to come.

At audiochuck, we believe we have a responsibility to do more than just tell these stories. We believe you as listeners have a responsibility to do more than just listen. We really wanted to be able to move the needle in the true crime space and create responsible true crime content and we are doing that together. Because of you and because of this show, we will all be directly responsible for making a difference. For making sure justice is served. For doing right by the people whose stories we tell.

Whether you’ve been here since day one or you just found our show – THANK YOU. Thank you for being a part of this journey. And thank you for helping us making a lasting responsible impact in the true crime space.

audiochuck will always continue to use the funds brought in by our fans to support Season of Justice and other non-profits and cases that are important to us and our listeners, but if you want to donate directly you can visit the website Seasonofjustice.org. Season of Justice is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax-deductible.

Law enforcement, victims and families can also submit grant applications on the website for funding.

One day we hope to wake up and say there are no more cold cases… That won’t be tomorrow, but there is a future where that’s possible. And thank you for making it happen.