CAPTURED: Ashley Freeman & Lauria Bible’s Killer

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In April of 2018, we were all talking about the capture of the Golden State Killer but did you know another long-time cold case was solved that same week? On December 29, 1999, best friends Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were having a sleepover at Ashley’s house. Sometime in the early morning hours of December 30, Ashley’s parents were murdered and their home set on fire. The two girls were never seen again. For years, theories surrounded this case. Did Someone take the girls? Were the girls responsible for one or more murders and then ran off to start new lives? Well in 2018 we finally got answers, even though, as of this recording, their remains have still not been found.

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These are the other two men who are said to have been involved in the crime as well:

David A. Pennington
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From THIS article:

“Pennington died at the age of 56 in 2015. But at 41, he would have been the youngest of the three suspects at the time of the killings. His obituary stated that he had been employed as a welder in Oswego, Kansas, and attended the Faith Baptist Church in Chetopa, where Pennington apparently lived his entire life. Pennington also was charged with burglary in Labette County in 1980, court records show.”

Warren Phillip Welch II

From THIS article:

From the same article where we found his picture. Public records show that Welch was imprisoned in the Kansas Department of Corrections for three offenses — attempted aggravated burglary in February 1993, aggravated assault in May 1993, and terroristic threat in May 1993. His release date is listed as March 1996. Oklahoma court records show that Welch had several run-ins with area law enforcement in the period shortly after the killings. In May 2000, he was arrested by Picher police and charged in Ottawa County District Court with two felonies: injury to a minor child (child beating) and domestic violence in the presence of a child. Records indicate that he pleaded no contest to the domestic violence charge and received a deferred sentence, while the child beating charge was dismissed. In July 2000, Welch was arrested by Picher police and charged in the same county with first-degree burglary and assault and battery, but both charges were dismissed the following month. An obituary for Welch included claims that he served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and was an ordained minister and assisted at the Hallowell (Kansas) Community Church. An affidavit filed Monday says Welch was “evil” but was known to sing bible hymns, with one witness describing him and the third suspect, David A. Pennington, as having acted “like holy rollers.”