CONSPIRACY: Bardstown, Kentucky

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A 35 year old woman named Crystal Rogers went missing from Bardstown, Kentucky back in 2015. Her car was found on the side of a busy parkway with a flat tire, keys, wallet and phone still inside. Just 16 months later, while searching for answers, Crystal’s father is murdered in cold blood. Now, people are wondering if these two crimes are connected to a bigger conspiracy that started with the murder of a police officer in 2013. Could all of these seemingly different attacks be related?

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You can watch Brooks’ full interview here.

Watch here if you only want to see the part where Brooks takes a call from his brother.

Here is that God awful sad video that I talked about in the episode. It is unrelated to any of the cases we covered but we bring it up when talking about pruppets and funerals. I promise you it will ruin your day… so maybe don’t.

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