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On May 17, 1968, a woman was found in the woods, murdered and wrapped in tent fabric. For over 30 years, she remained unidentified in a Kentucky grave with a donated headstone that bore the name “Tent Girl”. But 90’s internet and a superhero named Todd Matthews come together to give this girl a name and give her family the answers they waited so many decades for.

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The Case

Tent Girl Sketch 1968

This is the photo sketch police were made in1968 in an attempt to help identify “Tent Girl”.

Photo Found HERE

Tent Girl Scene

This is the scene where they first find “Tent Girl”.

Photo Found HERE

Candace Lynn Clothier

This is Candace, the girl who was also found Murdered and wrapped in a tarp but her case has been formally closed.

Photo Found HERE

If you want to read a in depth story on here case you can find that HERE.

Barbara Ann Hackman

Barbara Ann Hackman who was identified as “Tent Girl” in 1998.

Photo Found HERE

Todd Matthews at Barbara Ann Hackman's grave
Todd Matthews at Barbara Ann Hackman's grave.

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Todd Matthews

This is Superhero Todd who used his Crime Junkie passion combined with 90’s internet (the best kind of internet) to finally give “Tent Girl” her name back!!

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My name is Ashley Flowers and I'm a Junkie, too.

I've been crime-obsessed since birth and the only thing I love more than true crime is my dog, Charlie. I'm also on the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana. My work with Crime Stoppers has led me to do this podcast, and I am so excited to be your new true crime dealer.

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