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When a 20-year-old soldier goes missing from one of the largest military bases in the country, her tight-knit family is determined to find her and bring her home. But the investigation into her disappearance uncovers more than anyone bargained for – secrets, lies, and a system that failed to protect the people within it. And it has left everyone asking: what is going on at Fort Hood, Texas?

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or showing warning signs, please talk to someone you trust, call your doctor or nurse practitioner, or go to your local emergency room.

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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24 hours): 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text ‘HELLO’ to 741741

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Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS): 1-833-456-4566

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If you have information on the case for Gregory Wedel Morales, you can contact CID Special Agents at 254-257-2722 or your local police. You can also submit a tip online to the CID anonymously here.

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