MISSING: Brandy Hall

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In 2006, Brandy Hall vanished after leaving her post at the volunteer fire station early. It would take many years, three clues found in three different bodies of water and a lost tip before anyone would have an idea of what might have happened to her that night.

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The Case

Brandy Hall

Brandy Hall

Photo Found HERE

Brandy Hall's Truck

Brandy’s Truck

Photo Found HERE

Brandy Hall at Firehouse

Brandy right before she left the fire station on August 17, 2006

Photo Found HERE

Randall - "You never called her again. You talk to her on average 52 times a day. And you never called her again."


Photo Found HERE

If you want more on Brandy’s case check out the 11-part investigation done by Florida Today. All their information and research can be found HERE.

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