MISSING: Katelin Akens

In December of 2015, Katelin Akens was to board a plane from Virginia to Arizona. She texted her mom that she made it to the airport and her phone was dying, so she would text later. Katelin never made it on that flight and she has never been seen since. The investigation into her disappearance will make you question everything about Katelin’s last day and by the end you won’t know who’s account can be trusted.

The Case

Katelin Akens

This is a picture of what Katelin looked like at the time of her disappearance.

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Katelin's Butterfly Arm Tattoo

These are distinguishable tattoos Katelin had that might help you recognize her.

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Katelin's Stars Foot Tattoo
James Branton

This is Katelin’s ex-stepdad, James.

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Map of Fredericksburg, VA

Here is a map showing you where the airport was that Katelin was SUPPOSED to be dropped off at – where the mall is that James SAID he dropped her off at and where both their cells pinged when they texted Katelin’s mom Lisa. Katelin’s phone it the top ping near Fredericksburg and James’ is the bottom near Partlow.

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