MURDERED: Amy Weidner

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Teenage mother, Amy Weidner, stays home from school one day with her daughter because she isn’t feeling well. Just a few hours after her family leaves the house, she is brutally attacked. Surely, it had to be someone she knew. Did they know she would be home that day? It is a case that goes cold for nearly two decades before someone unexpected comes in and cracks the case wide open.

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The Case

Amy and Emily Weidner
This is Amy and her two year old daughter shortly before her murder.

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Sergeant Bill Carter
Sergeant Bill Carter from IMPD who solved the case even though he isn't even a homicide detective!

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Rodney Denk
Rodney Denk - the man who murdered Amy. At the time he was just a teenager.

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Sergeant Bill Carter Press Conference
Sergeant Carter giving the emotional press conference telling the public that there was finally justice for Amy.

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Bill Carter is a Nuisance Abatement Detective Argent with IMPD. He does a lot of work to prevent animal cruelty which just makes him even more amazing. He still looks into cold cases in his free time.

My name is Ashley Flowers and I'm a Junkie, too.

I've been crime-obsessed since birth and the only thing I love more than true crime is my dog, Charlie. I'm also on the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana. My work with Crime Stoppers has led me to do this podcast, and I am so excited to be your new true crime dealer.

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