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Bryce Laspisa started acting strangely on August 27, 2013. Just a couple of days into his sophomore year, friends started to become concerned about his unusual behavior. He planned a trip home to visit his parents and what should have been a 7 hour journey turns into 30-hours of mystery that leave police and Bryce’s family baffled when on August 30th at 5:30 am, Bryce’s vehicle is found overturned with no sign of Bryce.

Please take a couple minutes and commit this guy’s face to memory. How could you miss that big smile if you passed it on the street? Bryce’s family and friends can’t search everywhere – it takes all of us looking out and keeping our eyes open. If you think you’ve seen Bryce, take a picture and call 949-292-4400 right away!

You can follow the family’s search for him on their FB page HERE.

Bryce Laspisa
Bryce Laspisa

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