MURDERED: Shaquita Bennett // Tara Costigan

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This week, for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we’re bringing you the stories of two women whose lives were stolen by their abusive ex-partners.

If you were someone who began to isolate themselves… or you’re deep in it… you can still go back. You can ALWAYS go back… and if you feel like you have no one, there are dedicated people and organizations who are there for you – who can offer you help.

We are supporting The Network, which is a Chicago-based advocacy group that have provided training and services to people in the same area where Shaquita lived.

We also are supporting the Center for Survivor Agency and Justice in their missions to foster change at all levels and empower communities to better meet the needs of survivors everywhere.

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For our friends in the Deaf and Signing community, you can view an ASL version of this episode HERE.

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Shaquita Bennett

Tara Costigan

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