Pruppets of the Month: Bob & Cerberus


Bob laying on a dog bed

Bob’s story, as told by his mom, LeeAnn:

Bobby was adopted in 2008 while I was in law school. I asked my hubby if I could adopt a dog and when he said yes, I went to the pound on my way home from school. Bob was a full-grown chocolate lab at the time and looked very sad- like he knew I would go for one of the cute Border Collie puppies looking for a home. I looked at him, locked eyes, and knew he would be a part of my family. I took him home that night and needless to say when hubby arrived home, he was not happy for 2 reasons: first- why did I haul off and get a dog that same day and second- why did I get the biggest and oldest one there?? Bob was initially very timid like he had been through a lot prior to his adoption. But eventually came out of his shell and would even jump on the trampoline with me. If you’re wondering, yes I was in law school at the time, and yes I loved my trampoline- especially when Bob would jump with me. Oh, and yes, he figured out how to do that thing where he bounces and made me bounce super high.

Over the years, Bob has seen me through everything- my highs and lows and has been a constant, loyal companion. He is now very old, completely blind, and diabetic. We have to give him insulin morning and night. He’s a trooper through it all, still happy as can be and wagging his tail to greet me when I get home from work. He embodies the spirit of “man’s best friend” and has been a constant in my life that I am truly thankful for.


Cerebus in a shelter kennel

*Update: Cerberus has been adopted!!*

Cerberus has been adopted

At the Minnesota Humane Society, there’s a dog who has been looking for a home since he was a baby. His name is Cerberus. He’s 1.3 years old and 64 lbs and is so sweet. He couldn’t live with his previous family anymore,  so he came here to find a new home. He is so playful and full of love; he often gets so into his pets he just falls over! He loves his stuffed crayon toy and playing with everyone he meets. He is so special and needs a home so badly.