Pruppet of the Month: Iñaki

Inaki sitting in the shade

Iñaki’s story, as told by his mom, Ximena:

At that time, 16 years ago, I was living in a small, Spanish city called Segovia, and one morning, while I was heading for work on the bus, I saw through the window a short-legged dog trying to reach something hanging from a garbage can, he was very dirty, looked hungry, and I felt pity for him. So I got off on the next bus stop, even though I was already late, and went to look for the dog. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be seen when I got to the spot where I had seen him, and, after a five minute search, I went running to my workplace, empty-handed. Around five or six days later, I met by chance with the girlfriend of a co-worker, and….she was carrying that very same dog on a leash!!!!!!! Segovia is a small city but I felt it was a big coincidence. I asked where she had got it and she told me she had just adopted it from the shelter and was taking him to her Grandma’s, because her dog had died and she needed the company. I felt happy for the dog but kinda sad cause I wanted him so badly.

The next week I had the same shift as the girl’s boyfriend, so I asked him how was the dog she adopted doing in his new home. The guy told me that the grandma had returned Malachias (that was his name at that time) to the shelter because he had escaped from her and when he returned hours later he was very dirty and his hair all sticky with dried tar and mud, and the old woman said she couldn’t handle a dog who wouldn’t behave properly.

So that same morning, after finishing my shift, I headed to the shelter. Unfortunately they were still at lunch break and closed, but the guard inside there asked me what I wanted and I told him I was there to adopt Malachias, and described him. He is yellow, with coarse long hair, has eyes like black marbles, his lower teeth stick out from his mouth, brown piggie-like ears, and, even though he’s medium sized, he has these very short and stunted legs, that he looks small. He told me there was no dog matching that description inside, it had been probably adopted again. I felt very sad and unlucky. But I was already there, and decided to adopt a dog, any dog, and, as I knew that if I got inside the shelter I would start crying and wanting all the dogs, I told the guard to choose one for me. He asked me which kind of dog, and I told him: “The ugliest one you have, the one who nobody will want”…and when he got back, he was carrying Malachias in his arms!! I recognized his face, even though they had cut off all of his hair (I think because of the tar stuck in it), and that is why it hadn’t matched my description. He was almost bald! When the workers of the shelter got back, they confirmed me that it was Malachias with his long hair cut off, that the vet said he was around 2 years old, and made the adoption papers. I re-named him Iñaki.

Iñaki turned 18 this year, and even though at first he was naughty and liked eating my socks (which he then pooed) and stealing food, he is now very mature, independent and wise. When I left Segovia he came along with me. After Iñaki, my husband and I adopted or fostered many dogs and cats (more than 20), even hens, and he has been very supportive and kind to them. Even though at first he was very curious and annoying towards cats. When he grew accustomed to cats, he started ignoring them. He also loves my 4 year old girl, and is very patient with her. Nobody can tell he’s 18 years old… He’s deaf now, and had 2 tumors removed from his neck 4 years ago, but besides that, he has a lot of vitality, loves running and looks very youthful. I wish he would live 18 years more! Well, that’s Iñaki’s story, I have 2 other rescued pruppets, their stories are shorter but I think they are as interesting as Iñaki’s, so I will submit them! Hugs and kisses from Euskadi (Basque Country)!