Pruppet of the Month: Jasper

Jasper in a Halloween costume

Ashley had a specific request for this month’s Pruppet of the Month? *Ghost Pruppets* I couldn’t actually find any dogs that came back as ghosts, but I did find a pruppet whose gotcha story is still a bit on theme. This is the story of how our listener Keri, met her pruppet Jasper.

It was Halloween night, in 2018, and Keri and her husband went to her sister-in-law’s house to trick or treat with the kids of the family and hang out for the holiday. When they were getting ready to head outdoors to the candy fun, this scraggly little dog showed up. He seemed really skittish around the adults but seemed much more interested and comfortable around all of the littles all decked out in their costumes. It was just a random stray, and every time they tried to catch him, he ran away, and they eventually lost sight of him.

The family had big plans to rake in some candy that night, so they went about their merry way. When they came back after trick or treating, that same scraggly dog was waiting on the front porch for them. As the kids went in for the usual candy swap and binge, the adults all gathered around outside to watch a scary movie on the projector. Out of everyone, the dog chose Keri and her husband to snuggle on a blanket with.

Keri’s sister-in-law let the dog stay a couple of days there, trying to find his family. Then, Keri took him for a few days and took him to a vet to get checked for a chip and that’s when Keri decided to keep him. The vet did a whole workup, and during the appointment, of course, he asks for his name. Out of absolutely nowhere, Keri said, “Um, Jasper!” and that was that!

The vet determined that not only did Jasper have fleas and was underweight, he also had hookworms and was heartworm positive. Of course, they immediately started him in treatment, got rid of the fleas and hookworms, and as of November 2020 Jasper is officially heartworm-free as well! He’s also gained a quote healthy 8 lbs, and I say that thinking of my dogs and it’s kind of nothing, but Jasper is a chihuahua pug mix, just a little guy! As he got healthier and healthier, his personality has really shone through and he’s become the light of their lives.

And from me and my puppet, Roz, and all of us at the audiochuck family, I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween! 

Forsythe Humane Society

This month we’d like to highlight the Forsyth Humane Society, which is local to Jasper and his family in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Learn more about Forsyth and their adoptable animals here.