Pruppets of the Month: Lilly & Clark Griswold


Lilly camping with a blanket on her back

Lilly’s story as told by her human, Mercedes:

Lilly’s story is kind of long and intertwines with my life a little, so bear with me.

I had been looking for a dog for a couple of months because I was at a VERY low point in my life. Unfortunately, no dog that I went to see seemed like “the one.” Then, the day after my last attempt, my little sister almost hit this very scared ~6-month-old puppy on the highway in the middle of Utah winter. She thankfully had some beef jerky and a leash in the car (we’ve always had dogs, so… there’s no shortage of leashes), so she managed to lure the pup into her truck and off the freeway.

She looked at the dog’s tag (she was wearing a prong collar and one tag) to see where she had escaped from so that she could return her. However, all the tag said was, “My name is Lilly. If you find me please keep me. My fam can’t and I need love.”

So, my sister took Lilly to my dad’s house where she would be safe and I came down to meet her the next day.

The second I met her, I knew she was my dog and that the Universe, or whatever power you believe in, sent her to keep me here. So… I knew I couldn’t let her go anywhere else.

Lilly was…. a problem child in the beginning, to say the least. She had extreme separation anxiety and ripped up the floors in so many apartments and houses. So… naturally, we weren’t welcome in many places. She also HATED men, so any place where a male was present, we couldn’t really stay.

Finally, we moved into the dorms at my University and she must’ve known she was home. She didn’t hurt a single thing in the dorm and was suddenly a model citizen.

If you knew her then, you would not recognize her now. She is a super confident, bossy pruppet (being 50% Husky/25% Border Collie/12.5% Lab/12.5% GSP doesn’t help) who is way too smart for her own good. She is a “Helper Hound” for her trainer and helps the trainer to assess other dogs with temperament issues, or helps dogs who are uncomfortable around other dogs to be more comfortable. She has no remaining issues with men or any issues destroying the house. She has even trained her “little” brother, a GSD who outweighs her by 50lbs, all of the house rules.

She is an incredible dog and I swear she’s trained me as much as I’ve trained her. She will even roll over in the middle of the night and do a soft “Woo” when she can’t fall back asleep and needs tummy pets.

She’s the strangest dog I have ever met, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Especially since she genuinely saved my life.

Clark Griswold

Clark Griswold

*Update: Clar has been adopted!!*

Our adoptable pruppet of the month is Clark Griswold from Rescue Rovers in Utah. A loveable chow, or ”the cutest little bear of a dog you’ve ever seen” according to him, that is in need of home.

**In our episode we mention that Dark Knight is our adoptable pruppet of the month, but fortunately, he found a forever home before our episode aired! Clark Griswold is from the same rescue as Dark Knight.