Pruppets of the Month: Patsy & Baggins Pickersgill



Patsy is a Kelpie Border Collie mix, which, I think we may have talked about Kelpies before, do you know my one fun fact about this breed? One of the dogs recorded to have lived the longest at about 30 years old, Maggie, was a Kelpie! But back to our pruppet hero. Patsy lives on a farm with her family in Corryong, Victoria,  Australia. And at this point, everyone is aware that all of Australia is experiencing devastating bushfires that are claiming not only the people and the environment as their victims, but also the amazing wildlife, as well as domestic animals who live there. But Patsy is out here to try to change that, or at least help. Patsy has bravely herded something like 900 sheep out of the fires’ way and to safety, even staying with her owner, Stephen Hill, to help fight the fires as they came closer and closer to their home. A few sheep died, but Stephen said that there was no way he could have saved as many sheep as they were able to without Patsy’s bravery and smarts. Patsy now has an Instagram, has been featured on CBS and People and all sorts of news outlets. But one of the posts on her Instagram said that Patsy has front-seat privileges for life, and I, for one, think that is so well deserved.

Baggins Pickersgill

Baggins Pickersgill on the beach

Our featured adoptable dog is from the Victorian Dog Rescue in Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia. I originally picked this dog because of his name, because how can you not love him already. He’s a Koolie, which for us U.S. folks, that’s an Australian breed of herding dog. Even though I picked him out because of his name, when I read his profile, I thought he was just an absolutely perfect fit for how to wrap up this pruppet of the month! His profile says that legend has it, Baggins was originally raised to herd sheep, as his breeding suggests, but he got surrendered because… he was too kind to the sheep! Then, he was adopted by a groundsman, where Baggins was able to just follow his person around outside at work all day, but he lost his person suddenly and tragically, and never got to say goodbye. So he’s back on the list to be adopted. He’s super social, and loves meeting new dogs and new people, and loves baths so much he lays down in the bath! So if you’re in Victoria, Australia, and more specifically Elsternwick, and looking for a new friend, check out Baggins and his friends at the Victorian Dog Rescue