Pruppet of the Month: Sasha

Sasha in a tiny hat

Sasha’s story as told by her mom, Elise:

I met my pruppet the summer before 5th grade. The owner of the company my mother was working for offered her up to anyone who wanted her because she was “too much” and “hyper.” She was only 7-months-old and they had only had her for weeks.

When I met Sasha she had a “mean mug” and I was slightly afraid of her. I was told her being with us would be a temporary thing, to see if I was really fit to own a dog. After a week of having Sasha, who was a perfect angel, she went to stay with a different family to see if she fit with them. Sasha peed on everything they owned, and within a few days was back with us.

Sasha came into my life when I needed her most. I had just moved to a new place, I had a hard time making friends, and I was being severely bullied. Sasha has been my best friend for the past 13 years. She went with me almost everywhere and we were completely in sync (she went to every single one of my softball games).

My brother, who was born a short time after getting Sasha, grew up with her always being in the house and same with my sister. Sasha had a love for my siblings and I that I can’t describe. She always knew when we were sick or upset and she’d lay next to us. When both my siblings were born, she laid under their cribs to watch and protect them.

Sasha made friends easily. People who had hated dogs, or were afraid of dogs, fell in love with her instantly. Our next-door neighbor, who passed away a year ago and could barely walk towards the end, came out every single morning just to say hi to her. When he died, I had to physically pick her up to move her for weeks because she would want to wait to say hi.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night, February 18, Sasha unexpectedly passed away. We were all away from home and she was staying with our grandparents. She died with love around her, but none of us saw this coming. We think she waited till my siblings weren’t home to pass away. She was in no pain, which is something I’m very grateful for. The next day, the 19th, was my 23rd birthday and I spent the whole day completely devastated.

Since Sasha’s death, I’ve gotten message after message of how much Sasha meant to people I hadn’t seen in years. Past teachers and softball coaches reached out just to express their deepest condolences and tell me their fondest moments with her because they said she changed me. After she came into my life, I became more social, made friends, and seemed happier. I was unaware of the impact Sasha, my little Puggle, had left on not only my family but the people she met along the way too.