June 2023

Letter #1:

Dear Ashley & Britt,

Thank you for publicly showing your support for the Transgender community. Especially without apology to the haters. As the mother of a trans daughter, I know just how important it is to have public figures as yourself speak openly and respectfully of her and everyone else on their journey. When my daughter started her transition 10 years ago (age 5) I had no idea what transgender even meant. With her wisdom and guidance and thank god – the new and ongoing public awareness- she has grown into the most beautiful & authentic version of herself. Every time I hear positive discussion in the media about transgender issues, I know she is not only going to have a chance to survive — but actually thrive ….and possibly have a safe and positive experience in her lifetime. Thank you for being part of the change!

Xo- from a PROUD Crime Junkie Mom

Letter #2:

“My name is Dayna. I’ve been a Patreon fan club member for months now, because from the first episode I listened to I loved the way you told stories and I was hooked as a newer crime Junkie. This morning I listened to the episode for June 7th, 2021, released early as I usually do on Sunday mornings. I wanted to say, as a non-binary forty-year-old lesbian…thank you. I have been out and proud for 25 years and It’s still hard not to get emotional when two heterosexual, cisgender women become such vocal advocates and allies for the community. I know you reach people that aren’t based in places like New York City, like I am…people in small towns, that may be lgbtq and need to hear that love and support…or people who are not and need to understand we exist, and we shouldn’t be targets for crime and hate. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. This is far from the first episode I have heard about the community, and you always follow up with promotions, donations, and visibility. Hearing you both get emotional made me emotional, in a great way. I’m happy to continue supporting as a Patreon, not just because I’m fascinated by the stories and the dynamic you two have…but also because I feel seen in a place, I never thought I could be.”