March 2023

Cadion proudly repping his new Crime Junkie merch!

Cadion proudly repping his new Crime Junkie merch!


“My name is Lynette, I work at a high school as a security guard, and I am a BIG FAN ! I own a lot of crime junkie merch and I always have students and staff members asking what it is. Our school has a Special Ed program that is made up of students who are considered to be “severe” and about a week ago we got a few new students. Yesterday, a Special Ed student was walking to the front of the school to wait for his bus and I heard him yell “Crime Junkies!!! I love Crime Junkies” and it warmed my heart. I always try to find a way to connect with these students whenever we get called for help in their classroom. I usually go for the usual like anime or favorite colors but knowing that I can talk to him about Crime Junkies makes me so happy!”

After receiving this letter, our team sent Lynette some Crime Junkie merch for the student, Cadion, and we got this in response:

“When I gave him the shirt, he couldn’t believe it, he thought I was lying. He was so happy, his eyes got watery and he put the shirt on right away! Thank you so much for doing this! I appreciate you all 💗”