UPDATE: Flathead County Doe

Episode Summary

This is an update to the August 2020 episode “UNIDENTIFIED: Flathead County Doe.” In the year and a half since the release of that episode, more people submitted their DNA to genealogical databases, and in February 2022 Flathead County Doe was identified as Steven Gooch.

In the rest of this episode we also discuss the following headlines:

  •  Remains found and suspected to be of missing Brandon Lawson
  • A recent search for Susan Cox Powell and its findings
  • A senseless and horrific murder leaves China Town grieving
  • Las Vegas man arrested for holding his girlfriend captive and killing her 4-year-old son
  • Missing child Paislee Shultiz found alive and kept under a staircase
  • New details in the events prior to the disappearance of Kara Nichols are made public
  • An Ontario Dr. is charged with the murder of a patient and suspected of more
  • DNA technology helps identify a serial killer from Oregon

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Episode Info

If you think you have information relating to the investigation into Steven’s death, you can contact the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office at 406-758-5600 or email [email protected].